Friday, December 31, 2010

These boots were made for... purchasing produce?

So, I tagged along with Jared to Kroger, and he sort of laughed when I grabbed my camera. "Who are you going to see to photograph at Kroger," he said.

Rachel, that's who. I complimented her on her red hair, she complimented mine, and we suddenly, instantly bonded over the wide selection of canned soups. Crazy how these things work out. She was happy to put down her lettuce and Portabellos so we could snap a few good shots.

Photos and edits courtesy of The Jared.

We had to get a pic of her boots. "I got those at a TJ Maxx in Chicago," she said. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a pair of strategically-battered boots worn over the jeans. Maybe it's a throwback to my childhood days, riding horses and tromping through the mud puddles at the State Forest in Pike County. You can take the girl out of the hick-town, but you can't take the hick-town out of the girl.

 Oh, my friends, it was a PAIN to get a decent picture of this necklace. But get a load of that hunk o' turquoise. So worth it. I regret to say that we were so deep in conversation that I forgot to ask where she got her necklace. Fashion-blogger fail. D'you still love me?

She accessorized her simple jeans, T-shirt, and black leather jacket with a mustard-yellow scarf that SO works with her hair, a beige leather shoulder-bag, and that most essential of all accessories -- a great, big, genuine smile. The best subjects are the ones who are so clearly brimming with joie de vivre. Props, Miss Rachel. You rock.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

IFB Links A La Mode

The results are in! Here are this week's top 20 blog posts, as voted by Independent Fashion Bloggers:

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  • MoMoMod: I’m bound to believe that Catherine’s definitive, effortless, and lady like style is perfect in its own right.

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  • Watch This Place: In a world where ‘shocking’ is no longer shocking, I consider whether the ‘rock-’n'-roll-bad-girl’ has lost her edge.

  • Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    The little couple that rocks hardcore.

    You're totally jealous that these are my grandparents.

    Meet my stepdad's parents, Walter and Estelyn. Try not to pine too hard over that red coat. Yes, this lovely lady is my second-biggest bargain hunting muse. (First place, of course, goes to Mom.)

    This is another set I got at my brother's wedding. I say this is one of the loveliest couples I've ever had the privilege to know in person. They're coming up on their 69th wedding anniversary, and still look as adorable and happy together as they do in their wedding photo. (Now THERE'S a vintage fashion shot to show off, if I could get a scan.) Given their own successful marriage, the DJ at Alex and Jessica's reception handed them the microphone and asked them to impart their best advice to the new family, on how to make a marriage last.

    Estelyn's words: It's not always easy, but just hang in there.

    Walter's words: Always say, "Yes, dear!"

    Monday, December 27, 2010

    Quickie: Truly, the world needs more good hats.

    Dark Denizens, part 1

    All photos taken at Revenge.

    Tru Nightclub, Broad Ripple, Thursday nights starting 10:00 p.m.

    "Spooky" and Mary

    Me and DJ Krazy Karoline

    The tights! The belt! The boots! *loves*

    Saturday, December 25, 2010

    Memory Lane Christmas

    Zach and I got engaged a year ago today.

    We'd only been dating for about 5 months when my all-time favorite picture of us was taken. I still feel like I could just burst with a trillion watts of happiness, every time I look at him.

    We did that cheesy matchy-matchy thing. We did the corny water-fountain pose. Yeah, we went there. But isn't my dress AWESOME?

    A little over 3 years ago, I didn't even know loving someone like this was possible. Thanks, baby, for all those days, for this day, and the thousands more days to come. I'm sticking to you like old gum on a hot day. No matter what.

    Friday, December 24, 2010

    Quickie: That is some SERIOUS devotion to Sun King Brewery!

    A new level of "personal branding": Seth shows off his ink, which seems to prominently feature Egyptian deities' symbols.

    Photo taken by Jared at IDADA First Friday

    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Quickie: a little holiday LOL action

    Glorious Gigi!

    This is Gloria. She is the grandmother of my sister in law, Jessica. This woman is hilarious, awesome, and a stunningly good dresser, as you can see. The grandkids call her Gigi. She prefers that to "Grandma."

    I was handing out programs at Jessica's wedding to my brother, Alex. Then I saw her. "God, you're an awesome dresser!" I gushed. "You can't have any of it," she said. We both laughed. I was in insta-love with this new family member.

    She said if I want to dress as well as she does at her age, "marry a wealthy man." Well, I make my own money, and I'm marrying a broke musician. It's all good, though. Now, to the outfit: The coat is a high-quality mink. "I bought it with my last real estate check," she said. The dress is 100 percent silk. She bought it in Hungary. She didn't say where the hat or shoes were from, but when I told her I have a similar hat in black, she did give me a brief tutorial on the proper use of hat-pins. Allrighty, then! Long live Gigi!

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    ATTENTION: Indiana Fashionista Meetup Luncheon is on!

    It's Circle City Style's first major event!

    Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives... Just kidding! Dress your best and come on out, the lot of you! I decided it would be a great idea to bring some of the brightest fashion-minds in the state together for an afternoon of tasty food, decent music, shop-talk, and whatever else y'all come up with!

    Date: Saturday, January 8
    Time: 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Place: Cafe Django, Bloomington IN
    Facebook Invite here.
    EventBright invite here. (With ever-so-helpful Mapquest action!)

    You can print out your ticket and keep it for your scrapbook, if you want. The EventBrite page is just the best way I've found to track RSVP's. Nobody's going to kick you out if you don't present a ticket; just let the Cafe Django host/hostess know you're here with the Circle City Style group!

    Psst! Check out the menu at Everyone who attends gets a tea or coffee -- free for you, because it's getting put on Leah's tab!


    Bring yo' camera! Bring yo' cards! Sure, we're going to socialize and have a great time -- but do please recognize a networking opportunity when you see one!

    Can't wait to meet y'all! Please pass on the word to your fellow fashion-fanatics. All who have an interest in the southern Indiana/central Indiana/Midwest fashion scene are welcome!

    Quickie: Midwest Fashion Week 2011 promo vid is up!

    High-fashion in the style of Gemma Teller

    Gemma Teller-Morrow is a total badass. If you've ever caught an episode of Sons of Anarchy, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't you're missing one of the best and highest-rated shows currently on television.

    Portrayed by the multitalented Katey Sagal, Gemma is the wife of the leader of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original charter. Set in the fictional town of Charming, California, SOA is a grim, gritty, beautiful, dramatic, and often darkly funny drama centering on the hard-knock lives of the biker gang members.

    As Sons of Anarchy finished its third season recently, I found myself again admiring Gemma's wardrobe. Sure, it's a bit trashy. They're bikers. They're going to be a little white-trash. But there is something in her rough, yet feminine wardrobe choices that demands a second look. She's partial to silver pendants, leather, studs, fringe, perfectly fitting jeans in both darkwash and distressed styles, feathers, black lace, uber-cleavage, lace-up detailing, crosses, big silver earrings with intricate detailing, and boots that are high-style, but sensibly made for maximum butt-whoopin' ability when necessary.

    I've put together a few style collages inspired by the attitude and appearance of Gemma. I added some skull accessories here and there to go with the official Sons of Anarchy logo. Also, any biker babe worth her salt is going to be sporting some ink. If you shy from the needle, and think temporary tats are cheesy, there are plenty of camis, purses, and shoes with tattoo-style detailing. (Just try to steer clear of Ed Hardy. Friends don't let friends wear douche brands, and ol' Ed is right out there with Tapout Clothing on the douchery scale.) Click any of the collages to embiggen.

    The Pricey Version:

    If you've got the cash, these are some great items to work into your wardrobe for a little high-end biker flair. These items' prices range from about $100 for the Fossil belt to over $2,000 for the Cavalli jacket.

    Jacket and skull necklace: Roberto Cavalli
    Boots: Louboutin
    Skull bracelet: Alexander McQueen
    Belt: Fossil
    Bag: Jimmy Choo
    Lace Tank: John Paul Gaultier
    Jeans: Joe's Jeans
    Studded Bangle: Juicy Couture
    Belt: Fossil
    Earrings: Alexis Bittar

     The Affordable Version:

    If high-end designer prices make you hyperventilate, try out something more midrange in price.

    Jacket: Cripple Creek
    Cross Necklace: Guess
    Filigree Earrings: Target
    Studded Bracelet: Hot Topic
    Rhinestone Skull Bracelet: The Pyramid Collection
    Boots: Journee at Target
    Jeans: Mossimo at Target
    Belt: JC Penney
    Clutch: Loungefly
    Tank: Arden B.
    Feather Necklace: Charlotte Russe

    Saving the Best for Last:

    Hey! What's a Circle City Style blog without a heaping helping of locally-sourced style finds?

    Bag: Greenwood-based Handbag Heaven
    Earrings: Sage Boutique, Mass Ave
    Leather Jacket: Rag-o-Rama, Broad Ripple
    Spike Ring: Studio AMF
    Cross Pendant: Silver in the City, Mass Ave
    Turquoise and Silver Bracelet: Eye Candy, Mass Ave
    Black Lace Tank: Pitaya, Broad Ripple
    Feather Necklace: Pitaya, Broad Ripple
    Belt: Sage Boutique, Mass Ave
    Jeans: Sage Boutique, Mass Ave
    Boots: Pitaya, Broad Ripple

    What do you think? How would you translate a little Gemma-style badassery into your own looks?

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    Links To Love

    Oops, I've been scooped! It's bound to happen from time to time. Here's what nearby style-mavens are going on about. I love it; I must share it!

    Via Haute in the Heartland: Be the first Dressed Her Days Vintage Diva! (read: Model their AWESOME clothes as the official "face" of DHD Vintage for 2011!)
    How do I become this diva?
    Simply "like" the Dressed her Days Facebook page by Dec. 23 and tell them in 50 words or less why you'd make the ideal vintage diva. If you're uncomfortable using Facebook as your method of correspondance (i.e. if you only communicate in pink comic sans, which is not available on Facebook) then email your submission to

    Judges (I don't know who they are) will select 5 finalists and publish them on the DHD Facebook page on Jan. 3, whereupon all Facebook and Twitter followers of DHD will vote for the diva. The leading lady will be announced Jan. 15.

    Indianapolis Fashion Collective

    There aren't words. It's just AWESOME. Via the site, here is their mission:
    Indianapolis Fashion Collective came into existence to Unite, Empower, Showcase, and Grow the Indianapolis area fashion industry through collaboration, education, and awareness.

    IFC will do this through a combination of:
    a web presence; exploring Indy as a fashion destination; marketing and events; mentoring and funding new talent; procuring manufacturing and sourcing for our members and Indianapolis as a whole; and partnerships with the community and other fashion-related businesses.

    Via Planet Awesome Kid: Total Eclipse of the Heart.

    Look at this sweet, beautiful kid. If he doesn't melt your heart, it's because you don't have one.

    Also via Haute in the Heartland: Trashion Refashion Bloomington still looking for entries!

    Creative types have til Feb. 1 to submit entries for this juried show. Proceeds from admission will benefit the benefit the Center for Sustainable Living in Bloomington. I REALLY wanted to make an entry into this one, but with the move and starting school and all, I just do not have the time to commit to creating an item up to my standards for myself. Please do go. I'll do my best to be there, and I'm sure it will be a blast.
    The show, which starts at 7pm, will cost $15 in advance, $20 at the door and $10 under 18. There will be two runway shows, a silent auction, community art project, live music, cash bar and information about the Center for Sustainable Living. It is free to submit a design.

    Via Aesthetic Design Style: Indianapolis named # 5 Top Shopping City!

    That's right, according to Forbes Magazine, we're # 5! Top 5 out of 25 selected top-shopping cities. I'll take it. Shop local, y'all. If you don't know where to start, go with the sampling of local boutiques featured in the Aesthetic Design blog.

    Via Chicago Streetstyle Scene: fun pics from Midwest Holiday Fashion Blogger Brunch

    Stay tuned, Hoosier fashionistas -- I'm planning a similar gathering for us, for January. More detail forthcoming VERY SOON!

    Via Glamour: Topless sunbathers in France demand equality. Male supporters don "man-kini" tops in a solidarity protest.
    ...police say that exposing one's breasts is sexual exhibition, and it's punishable by up to a year in prison or a fine of 15,000 euros. One feminist group in France called Les Tumultueuses is so put off by this notion that they've been staging protests at local pools, showing up with bikini tops and asking the male swimmers to wear them to create a deeper feeling of equality. Their point? "If women have to cover their breasts in a pool, then so too should guys."

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Quickie: Dapper kid in Batesville

    Photo courtesy of my brother Jason

    This is Logan.

    Logan dressed himself up all dapper-like to attend church and go out for some pizza with his family. Logan is 13. Logan's going to snag ALL the ladies if he keeps dressing like this when he grows up.

    Sunday, December 19, 2010

    The Thrilling Thrift Hunt

    Beware if you decide to jump on the thrift-store bandwagon. It becomes an addiction. The good news is that I can tell you the location of every top-notch bargain hunter's paradise from here to Evansville, Louisville, Dayton, and Cincinnati. Value World, the DAV, Salvation Army, St. Vinnies, Goodwill... I'm an encyclopedia of thrift-tasticness.

    The bad news is, thrifting has become like crack to me. Well, at least it's generally less expensive. But seriously. I learned from the best. My step-grandmother's been at it for the majority of her 88 years. My mom's been taking me thrifting since I was a wee child of about 7. You get GOOD at sifting through diamonds in the rough when you start at so tender of an age. I have a talent. A gift, even. Everyone wants to go shopping with me, because the Thrifting Gods favor me so.

    The itch hit hard again on my way home from my dad's parents' home in Milan. (Milan, Indiana. Not the more-exciting Milan.) Suddenly, I spotted the Goodwill in Batesville. I was powerless to resist her sweet siren call.

    Fortunately, I was able to pay for most of the resultant haul with grandparent Christmas money. (Bless you, grandparents of the world!) I also befriended a bargain-conscious duo of elderly ladies, who let me in on their secret: This particular Goodwill sells everything half-price to the over-50 crowd every Sunday. They adopted me as a surrogate niece for the next fifteen minutes, so what would have been a $96 haul was only $48.

    Needless to say, this weekend I have made a HELLACIOUS wardrobe upgrade, courtesy of the Batesville Goodwill.

    With some aid from Rag-o-Rama in Indy, where I found a sweet pair of Steve Madden snake-printed platform sandals ($16) for next season, and some platform gothic butt-kicking boots ($15) for RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW. Incidentally, they look fairly like the Demonia boots I was about to drop nearly $80 for. Oh, I am a happy girl.

    The haul includes:
    •  hand-knit cream-colored shawl
    • a scarf to match
    • two berets in black and oatmeal (You could say I was inspired by Andrea's recent beret-laden hotness)
    • a knee-length black sweater-jacket, perfect for layering
    • a perfectly-fitting oatmeal jacket for spring
    • a divinely soft white New York & Co cowl-neck sweater
    • two delicious chunky, angora cardigans in grey and black
    • some grey suede flat midcalf boots (Perfectly timed, since my black pair needs replacing)
    • a velvet pinstriped J.Crew blazer
    • a SWOON-WORTHY silk-velvet Elie Tahari blouse. I saw similar on the Bergdorf-Goodman website for $250.
    • The perfect little leather overnight bag for my next weekend trip
    A haul of this quality gives you a ridiculous sense of accomplishment. I mean, any fool with a ton of money in the bank can just walk into Saks and grab the "right" brands in the "right" silhouette for the season. The rest of us need to be more resourceful and better at the hunt. What's my point? The point would be that there's no POINT in paying full retail. For anything. Also, I'm available if anybody needs a shopping buddy and/or personal shopper. Because there is nothing like the rush of a hunt like this.

    Jared's first post

    I found Tiffany S. while I was in a daze wandering the streets of downtown. This happens sometimes when I skip breakfast. It was around noon and she didn't seem to be in a hurry, casually walking, on her way to what I presume would be Point B. Alternatively Point A, would seem to be Thomas Caterers where she works.

    When I introduced myself and explained that I had stopped her for a local fashion blog, her face LIT UP. From that point on she couldn't stop smiling. As it turns out, Tiffany S. is a big fan of fashion. Always thumbing through fashion magazines, and reading up on the newest designs. She rattled off designer after designer while my little boy head spun and nodded agreeingly (force of habit around well dressed and pretty girls).

    Caption: A Kathy Van Zeeland bag with a necklace Tiffany S. added.

    I commented on her bag, she eagerly proclaimed it to be "a Kathy, but I added the necklace the other day. I like it". Me too!, wonderful Tiffany person, me too! "My coat is from Express and my jean leggings are from Joe's Jeans". I corrected her mispronunciation of jeggings (a word I found on Google one time). When I took a photo of her boots I noted a recent blog post on winter boots. She excitedly described how she'd been looking for boots recently and finally found these at Shï. I told her she was very wise to have overpaid for them while in season. She agreed laughingly.

    Caption: Winter boots from Shï.

    I asked what inspires her fashion, she instantly said "Edie Sedgwick", a name I strongly remembered but couldn't place from where. Edie was a socialite in the 80's and is best known for her time spent with pop artist and/or genius Andy Warhol. If you haven't seen the movie Factory Girl, netflix that, it's really well done and all about her. Immediately after Edie, she mentioned Rachel Zoe as another big inspiration.

    I could no longer bother the poor girl for photos as I had to go eat mediocre Indian food (seriously, I need to stop skipping breakfast). I gave her a link to the blog and parted in opposite directions. Which is good I imagine, because parting in the same direction is awkward.

    Author/Photographer: The Jared Wilcurt

    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    Classing up E-ville, one drink at a time.

    Hmm, 5-gallon buckets and a Colts poster in the background. Yep, we're still in Indiana.

    Photo credit: Amber Elizabeth Lelak

    Let me tell you right now if you've never been there: Evansville is probably the LAST place you'd go to shoot fashion photos. But I went to college there, and it's where I go to visit my fiance, friends, and family. When my buddy Misti came for a visit all the way from L.A., I was happy to make an appearance. Fortunately, we didn't stay at Hammerhead's on Main Street for long.

    (Pardon, but I do not enjoy STICKING TO THE FLOOR the entire time I'm at a bar. Yuck.)

    The next bar we went to, Bullock's, is prettier than any bar in Evansville has a right to be. The big mirror behind the bar is reminiscent of the one at the Vollrath in Indy. I'm not sure of the history of Bullock's, but it has the same 1920's speakeasy kind of feel to it.

    And resident bartender J. Scott Myers dresses the part. Check it out. He's totally gangsta! I keep expecting John Dillinger to swagger into the shot and give J. Scott a high-five. I had to get a picture with this debonair dude. He also bar tends at Eclipse Spanish Tapas Bar. Do pay him a visit if you have to make a stop in Evansville, Indiana. He'll make your evening a better one; or at least, a better-looking one.

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010

    Tweeds and stripes downtown

    I tell you guys, if this blog ever successfully monetizes, I'm gonna have to put Jared on payroll. Here's some more of his sartorial observation. Check out the pics he got. I LOVE the coat!

    Quoth Jared,
    I ran into Jason S. and his sister at Au Bon Pain on the circle today. I asked where he gets most of his clothes, "Ummm, J.Crew, and a lot of thrift shops". He works for Angie's List downtown. His sister was equally well dressed but declined to be on camera. When I commented on her style, Jason noted "Yeah, she's my sister, so we come from the same tribe."

    I wrote on a napkin your site's address and snapped 3 shots.

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    Inspiration International 1.1: Male edition

    In direct spite of what passes for menswear in most parts of the United States, I LOVE men's fashion. You men are beautiful, unique creatures with so many options and creative ways to dress up, even to just update a standard combo of jeans and T-shirts.

    You'll notice most of this post's sources are from Japanese or Chinese blogs. Those Asian dudes just really know how to do it up right. I hope these inspire creativity. Or, at the very least, I hope they make you think.

    Don't forget to visit the source-blogs and thank their photographers, if you like what you see! They work hard to convey the art of personal style.

    Mint Fashion Snap: Ghostbusters!

    The Sartorialist: Small accessory, big impact

    Mint Fashion Snap: Awesome self-made jacket

    Stylites Beijing: All Layered Up

    Tokyo Fashion: Trench

    Rid Fashion Street Snap: Tweed Ruffle

    Quickie: In the window at Niche

    Niche Boutique, 916 Broad Ripple Ave.

    Click pics for most excellent detail.

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Beautiful Family

    A montage of footage from my stepbrother's wedding.

    Alex & Jessica Eversoll Wedding Montage (12/11/10) from Sean Gowdy on Vimeo.

    Thanks, Sean, for this video. In addition to being a testament to a joyful addition to my family, it's totally fitting for a blog centered on style and beauty. A happy, thankful heart is always in fashion.

    Not to mention the fact that my brother looks darn good in a tux, and his bride, Jessica, picked a gorgeous dress. Also, Jess's daughter, Emery, would fit right in on Planet Awesome Kid. This is one pretty family.

    I did get some good style photos of reception guests. These are forthcoming, and they will BLOW your mind.

    Disco-ball beret

    This is Andrea. Andrea doesn't think she truly has style. I beg to differ, Andrea.

    She says she borrowed the beret from a friend. I saw some just like this two days ago at Target. Get thee to Target and hook yourself up, Andrea!

    Meet Scott. Scott likes to photobomb people. Bad Scott. Bad.

    OK. That's a pretty sweet suit jacket. I guess you can stay.

    Andrea lives in Broad Ripple and DJ's all over Indy. She says she gets her clothes mostly at Goodwill. Scott is a West Side resident, works at a local grocery, and says he likes to shop at Kohl's. "I just like suits," he says.

    Thrift-store queens: Andrea in her disco-esque top. Me in a thrifted LBD with Betsey Johnson belt.

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    Road Trip: Dayton

    So, I've got to be out of town the next couple of days for my brother Alex's wedding. More photos from Revenge at Tru are in the editing process, and should be up this weekend. This has been a week of traveling -- first to the southwestern corner of Indiana, and now to Ohio. It might be hectic straight up until the end of December, since I'm moving to Vincennes.

    But don't worry - I'm not taking a super-heavy courseload, and I will keep plenty of time penciled into my agenda to take lots of pics and keep up with this blog. I'm too into this thing to even think about letting up, no matter how freaky life may get. The only thing constant is change, after all.

    I'll try to get some nice style shots while I'm in Dayton. Stay tuned!

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Quickie: Bat nails!

    Cost: $2.50 SPARKLY acrylic nails at Wal-Mart Halloween clearance, plus 98 cents for the glue.

    Quick, cheap, dirty, fun.