Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I suck at blogging consistently, so here are some videos of women being amazing.

So I haven't updated for a while. I actually have reason to be optimistic about this moving forward, since - for the first time in forever (and hopefully you now have that Frozen song stuck in your head) - I actually have internet at my residence. It's been years. The last time I bought internet, I still lived in Vincennes. It's usually prohibitively expensive in Indianapolis if you're on one modest income. But I got a half-off for a year special on U-Verse, so here we are. The plans are to get back up to blogging at least twice a week, pick freelancing back up, and actually log into Duolingo frequently enough to learn something.

It's only Wednesday, but the theme this week seems to be women behaving awesomely. I've picked out 4 videos of musical, mental, and physical achievement that ought to shut up every lying liar who perpetuates that "weaker sex" crap.

Ball girl makes amazing catch: This is actually a Gatorade commercial with a stuntwoman. The fact she's a stunt actress doesn't make her work any less genuinely impressive. She still did it.

Kacy Catanzaro's history-making Ninja Warrior run: The salmon ladder ON ITS OWN would make just about every man I know weep openly.

Electric violin cover of SOAD's Toxicity: Meytal Cohen on drums, Jennifer Lynn and Christine Wu on electric violin. I know it's from 2009, but it's new to me dangit!


And finally... my friend Elle Roberts being a total badass in her proposal for TEDx Indianapolis to talk about her big project, SheHive.