Thursday, December 16, 2010

Classing up E-ville, one drink at a time.

Hmm, 5-gallon buckets and a Colts poster in the background. Yep, we're still in Indiana.

Photo credit: Amber Elizabeth Lelak

Let me tell you right now if you've never been there: Evansville is probably the LAST place you'd go to shoot fashion photos. But I went to college there, and it's where I go to visit my fiance, friends, and family. When my buddy Misti came for a visit all the way from L.A., I was happy to make an appearance. Fortunately, we didn't stay at Hammerhead's on Main Street for long.

(Pardon, but I do not enjoy STICKING TO THE FLOOR the entire time I'm at a bar. Yuck.)

The next bar we went to, Bullock's, is prettier than any bar in Evansville has a right to be. The big mirror behind the bar is reminiscent of the one at the Vollrath in Indy. I'm not sure of the history of Bullock's, but it has the same 1920's speakeasy kind of feel to it.

And resident bartender J. Scott Myers dresses the part. Check it out. He's totally gangsta! I keep expecting John Dillinger to swagger into the shot and give J. Scott a high-five. I had to get a picture with this debonair dude. He also bar tends at Eclipse Spanish Tapas Bar. Do pay him a visit if you have to make a stop in Evansville, Indiana. He'll make your evening a better one; or at least, a better-looking one.

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