Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A pause for the Oklahoma tornado victims and survivors.

Please read this post that I found via Maurice Shamell, the best meteorologist everywhere who isn't getting paid for it (yet!!) 

Words from Ryan Vaughn, one of the weather forecasters who worked during the storm:
I'm a dad. I have 4 kids and instantly I thought of them. I pictured each one of them in the arms of my wife. I pictured each one of them going through a scary moment in their life. I thought of the feeling this mother must have had when she KNEW her child was not one of the dead. I also thought about the parents that did not carry their children home tonight. That's tough to think about......I promise to never get giddy over tornadoes again. A colleague of mine, Dave Freeman, at KSN once reminded a group of us to never root for the tornado. ALWAYS root for people. Wise advice.
I've been in two towns hit by tornadoes. Petersburg when I was 5, Evansville when I was 21. We only lost 7 and 22 people in those storms, but that's still too many.

 My thoughts are with you.