Thursday, December 23, 2010

Glorious Gigi!

This is Gloria. She is the grandmother of my sister in law, Jessica. This woman is hilarious, awesome, and a stunningly good dresser, as you can see. The grandkids call her Gigi. She prefers that to "Grandma."

I was handing out programs at Jessica's wedding to my brother, Alex. Then I saw her. "God, you're an awesome dresser!" I gushed. "You can't have any of it," she said. We both laughed. I was in insta-love with this new family member.

She said if I want to dress as well as she does at her age, "marry a wealthy man." Well, I make my own money, and I'm marrying a broke musician. It's all good, though. Now, to the outfit: The coat is a high-quality mink. "I bought it with my last real estate check," she said. The dress is 100 percent silk. She bought it in Hungary. She didn't say where the hat or shoes were from, but when I told her I have a similar hat in black, she did give me a brief tutorial on the proper use of hat-pins. Allrighty, then! Long live Gigi!


  1. Gosh that woman is fabulous! Totally admire her style (and I love your stole!)

  2. Great hat! Hope I have that much pizazz when Im that age :)