Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help me shop for my new glasses!

The last time I got a new frame, I was becoming a little burned out on my usual purchase: plastic, statement-y frames in black, tortoise, or purple. I decided on a nondescript, semi-frameless metallic pink pair, which I chose with the full intent of people looking at my eyes instead of my glasses. I still love 'em, but lately, I've been longing to put a little wow on my face. I still have a beautiful pair of seafoam-green vintage cat eye frames that my step-grandma gave me. (She has always had the most impeccable taste!) They have rhinestones and a little star in each corner... and also unfortunate puppy teeth-marks on the lenses, which we had replaced with my own prescription when I was fifteen.

I haven't been able to wear contact lenses since I was in high school, due to a corneal ulcer I had around that time. Fortunately, I don't really even miss them most of the time, except for in cosplaying situations. I usually just take off the glasses for photos, but rock along in my own signature framed way the rest of the time.

So, I'll be keeping the nondescript pink frames as a spare, most likely getting a second replacement of the lenses in those vintage cat-eyes (surely my prescription has changed in thirteen years anyway) and there are my new black and white checkered sunglasses to update with my prescription. I've been itching for a new statement frame, though, and I've come up eligible with my vision insurance, so why not indulge?

Frankly, I think I've already got my heart set on this pair:
Love frame via

But you can try to convince me otherwise.

There's the brunette tortoiseshell, these amazing purple/clear hornrims, a fuschia pair, green from the currently-trendy Warby Parker, the distinguished Zagg Tennessee Whiskey, another purple cat-eye, pink plus tortoise via Coach, these delightful ladies from Tiffany, Essential Eyewear rectangular frames in blue, Prada, Vogue, pink tortoise from Versace, and this Versace pair in black or purple (frankly, I think the black is classier.)

Pretty sure my vision insurance doesn't fully subsidize Versace, but that pair is my second-favorite after the purple Love pair with those adorable hearts in the corners! I also think those Tiffany frames just kill with those tiny keys on the earpieces! I die! How could anyone NOT envy a lady in some stylish glasses?

Which pair do you crave the hardest? If money were no object, what would your fantasy eyeglass frame be?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I sure am a crappy minimalist.

I just bought this. (only mine was only $4 on clearance! Whoever buys this one is gonna get hosed!)

And this.

And this.

I'm probably being too hard on myself. I've got my jewelry weeded down to a small box, and all my belts and scarves (and now these collars) still fit in one drawer, my hosiery in another, and my undergarments in a 3rd, so things could be downsized more, but I don't think that's too bad for starters. After the weather FINALLY warms up and I can have my yard sale, and we haul off my old bed and desk, my possessions will finally be pared down to a level I can stand. What's your accessory poison?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Pic: Audrey in a skeezy bathroom

So, I spent the weekend indoors, sneezing my head off and reading Life Magazine's biography on Audrey Hepburn. My friend Nicole did talk me into going out for a few hours on Friday to the local karaoke bar, where I knocked back a Woodchuck and like 3 enormous glasses of water, somehow nailed Bohemian Rhapsody on karaoke even though this is one hellacious cold, and then called it a night.

Of course I had to dress a little like my muse for the evening:

I thrifted everything but the pants/leggings/whatever, which are Simply Vera from Kohl's, and the pearls, which were a gift from my step-grandma. I'm far from a dead ringer, especially given that I'm 5 inches shorter than Audrey and outweigh her by a good 30 pounds, but this was a fun and comfortable outfit that felt somewhat classy. In other words, completely at home in a hipster bar, not so much in a dive.

Side note: I think I want to buy some clip-on bangs, because styling the real deal is SUCH a pain in the neck. But I have quite the five-head, and sometimes I get tired of looking at it. How do y'all feel about these?

Music Monday: Runaway Love

Friday, March 22, 2013

6 Reasons Hats Should Come Back Into Full-Time Vogue

Moi. Straight-up diva, yo. (Got the hat at Dillard's!)

1) We already love them for occasions. 
The Kentucky Derby. Easter. Fancy-dress parties. People freakin' love hats. People are just so far in the closet about their love of hats, they can probably see Narnia.

Isabella, the ultimate hat-wearing diva of our time.

2) Why should the trilby wearing douchebros have all the fun?
Gentlemen, I submit to you a small collection of acceptable, sexy, non-douchey (unless the wearer is a douche) manly fedora-ish hats:
Vintage 1960s porkpie, Etsy seller TheLonelySock
Brixton "Ranch" Fedora
Tommy Bahama braided paper fedora
Tommy Bahama Golf palm fiber fedora
Nocona Indy

3) They make the "what am I going to do with my hair?" question moot.
Because who's going to be looking at your hair when you're wearing THIS delightful confection!

Etsy seller HatTrix

4)Nobody rocks a hat like a elderly Black gentleman, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to emulate.
I rest my case: 
Morgan, you sexy devil.

5) The sun ages you! Keep it off with style!

6) Browsing and buying a unique hat is a great way to support small businesses.
Here are just a few of the amazing purveyors on Etsy:

emilliner (Emily is local to Indianapolis, by the way! I've met her! She's glorious!)

Hat-timid? Try a fascinator, a cloche, or a simple beanie/skullcap. Perhaps even a turban. Or a different turban.

Sweetest of the sweet. Via Emilliner.

Gentlemen: to try a brimmed hat, but afraid of looking like a douche? Go for a true fedora or a derby, rather than a trilby (Their brims are bigger, and they're usually accented with a little feather.) Or try a porkpie, top hat,  or bowler. Or the standard driving hat, which is also generally a winner.

Humperdinck Hats

Rrowr. Via Humperdinck Hats.

Or why not a cowboy hat? Why NOT a cowboy hat?

Nocona Dakota via Zappos

Ready to let your full diva flag fly? Here are some options for that:

Via Pookaqueen.
Pookaqueen again. *covet drool die*

Via Hattrix

OH YES. Via MiriamLeala

It's a cupcake! ON YOUR HEAD!

What up, goth bats! We're totally covered:

Gawth top-hat via CandysHats

Dramatic beaded, feathered headpiece via HopscotchCouture

goth/steampunk tricorne hat via Blackpin

Spiderweb cloche hat via GracefulButterfly

Bat headband/fascinator via HorriblyEclectic

Glitter skull fascinator via HorriblyEclectic
And still more deliciousness at, if you crave it.

What's your favorite kind of hat? How often do you wear 'em?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

PATTERN magazine has launched!

And oh, my gawd, it's BEAUTIFUL.

Indy residents, you are so lucky, you are soooo so lucky to have such a talented fashion community in your midst. One of the fashion community's best, Maggie, talks here about the magazine's successful launch, and about interviewing powerhouse local designer Nikki Blaine

One can view the entire magazine at Pattern's Web site, but if you really want a stellar publication right on your coffee table, pick up a glossy copy at any of the following establishments: Barnes & Noble, Indy Reads Books on Massachusetts Avenue, the IMA gift shop, Retro 101 mobile boutique (like a food truck but with CLOTHES which is so much cooler!), and Books a Million.

*squeal* Why YES, I'm excited! Very excited! Pardon me while I scamper off to read Pattern Magazine!

Stuff to do this weekend!

Okay, I know that Indiana has a rep for being all wheatfields, cornfields, cows, misogyny, and boring nights with nothing to do but do weed or meth and have a lot of sex. I managed to avoid all those things growing up, but, having observed the pioneering status of my old high school as one of the first to offer a nursery (Ostensibly for the teachers, but yeah... right.) it's safe to say a lot of teens weren't so resourceful.

 I could see how the "nothing to do" stereotype may be true in some little towns (I mean, the town I grew up in was 30 miles from the nearest place we could BUY SOCKS, for god's sake) but if you're anywhere near Indy, Evansville, or Bloomington this weekend, and you're bored, it's your own gersh-dern fault. Here's the goods!

Women In Art Market at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. Saturday, March 23, 10 am to 5 pm Eastern time. Support amazing indigenous women who create beautful art. Over 40 regional artists will be showing off their baskets, jewelry, textile art, painting, photography.... y'know what? I'm utterly depressed that I can't make it to this. So PLEASE go if you can!

The Secret State in concert at Beale Street Live in Indianapolis. Sunday, March 24.

TedXBloomington in Bloomington (well, duh) Friday, March 22, 9 am to 6 pm Eastern time. From the freakin' website:
This year's TEDxBloomington conference theme, JumpIN! puts the spotlight on presenters who've taken Ideas Worth Spreading and moved to improve their communities and the world. INnovators, INsights, INtrigue and more all await you in the Buskirk-Chumley Theater on March 22, 2013! We trust you'll find plenty of INspiration from a wide variety of presenters from Chicago to Tampa, from Silicon Valley to New York City ... as well as a variety of voices from right here IN Bloomington! Each presenter and performer has his or her own twist on the theme, so expect surprises!

Harley Dren & Co's Circus Sideshow Spectacular at Indy's Jukebox in Indianapolis. Saturday, March 23 10 pm to 3 am Eastern time. From the freakin' website:
Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth! Step up and see a night a freaks, geeks, weirdos, and more at Harley Dren and Co.'s Circus Sideshow Spectacular. There will be fire, burlesque, bearded ladies, suspension, hooping, juggling, glass walking, belly dancing, and so much more! 
SIDESHOW FREAKS AND GEEKS: Jezebel Sinfell Miz Viola Michele Barbacoa Jones as Snappy the Clown Vivian Lashes Maella Cai Vane Bo Peepshow Tea Orlean Velveteen Tom Foolhery Bunny Barebuns Souxie Snapdragon Cory Dory Harley Dren AND MORE 
SPECIAL PERFORMANCES BY: Sacred Circles Phantom Watson of Subculture Suspension Arts with a flesh hook horrortainment special 21+ Cover: $10 Music starts at 9pm Performers start at 9:30pm
Losing September, Xiting the System, and Nightmares on Earth in concert at Beale Street Live in Indianapolis. Friday, March 22 starting at 8 pm Eastern time. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I LOVE XITING THE SYSTEM. They are amazing. Go!

Haunted Indianapolis Downtown Ghost Walk Friday, March 22 starting at 8 pm Eastern time at Monument Circle. From the freakin' website:
Visit society and the wicked backlife of Indianapolis in this tour. Visited are haunted theatres, businesses and other areas where the living chose to become dead and walk forever. This tour lasts 1:45-2 hrs. and begins on the north side of Monument Circle. Tickets: $18, adults; $13, children and seniors (65+). Reservations required.
Rusty Redenbacher CD release party at The Place in Indianapolis. Saturday, March 23 starting at 9 pm Eastern time. From the website:
Come join Rusty Redenbacher, Mr. Kinetik, The Native Sun, Echomaker, MC Sparkplug and DJ Ganzarelli for a night you sure don't want to miss. The Official CD release of the Rusty Redenbacher's new album "Lower". Tickets $10 + a free copy of the new album "Lower". Tickets available at the door or at:
The Saw Doctors at Old National Centre in Indianapolis. Saturday, March 23 at 8 pm Eastern time. Oh man. "Still The Only One" is one of the greatest and most romantic songs ever:

The Evansville Icemen vs. the Reading Royals at Ford Center in Evansville. Friday, March 22 at 7:30 pm Central time.

Opal Fly and the Swatters at Bokeh Lounge in Evansville. Friday, March 22 at 8:30 pm Central time. Free MP3 recordings of the band here.

The Tri-State Art Guild Spring Show at Angel Mounds in Evansville. From the website:
Sponsored by Tri-State Art Guild and the Friends of Angel Mounds. Exhibit hours: Tues. – Sat., 9am – 5pm, Sun., 1 – 5pm. Call 270-826-6674 or 812-401-3076 for exhibit information or visit Exhibit is FREE and open to the public. Not open on Mondays. This event goes from March 17th - April 26th, 2013.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Post Links: A few pretties that have caught my eye!

  • This tutorial, because women shouldn't have to stop feeling glamorous and beautiful just because they're advancing in age! Thank you for sharing this find, Deja. I'm actually much less apprehensive about aging now.

  • THIS OUTFIT. Just... tres sexy. Nita, where have you been all my life?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happiness tip: "Make the money, don't let the money make you."

 Last week at work, I talked to an attorney who is doing VERY well. Business is good, money is flowing. He's almost a decade and a half younger than my mom. And he recently suffered a massive heart attack.

 Why? He's an extraordinarily engaging fellow. He works out regularly. He certainly never has to worry about my number-one stresser, which is "am I going to be able to pay my rent, heat, and student loans this month, or am I going to fall behind again?" But his stress levels are still positively through the roof. He has very little free time, very many obligations, and several family members depending on his hefty income. I didn't see his home, but I have a feeling it's probably enormous.

 I told the guy he needs to turn off his phone for a few weeks, go to a sandy beach, and drink pina coladas out of a coconut until he feels better. Or perhaps come here to Indiana and go camping, see a monster truck rally or demo derby... basically, go full redneck.

This fellow absolutely needs to reduce his number of commitments, downsize his lifestyle, cut off the moochers in his family who depend on his moneybags, and engage in work and hobbies that he enjoys, or at the very least that don't stress him senseless. He also admitted to being very inauthentic to colleagues and friends alike. Everything is "Fine, never better, I feel great" regardless of the fact that's almost never true.

The stress-outs and the in-authenticity are going to kill him, it is just a matter of when. I worry for him. I worry for the thousands of people like him.

My own life reflects a bit of a quandary between a desire for the simpler life, and the need to make more money. I want the tiny sustainable house of my dreams. I want to be out of debt. These things require money, though, and more money than I'm currently making. How does one get there without losing their way and ending up like my single-serving friend, the lawyer?

So today's happiness tip is a truth, yes, but I freely admit that it's not one I know how to find just yet.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happiness tip: Never assume anyone's too trashy for your time and respect.

I often get asked why my social circles are so very diverse and chock-full of interesting people. And, granted, there are often days or weeks at a time where I can barely get out of bed, let alone go out. But I know how to get, and keep, a social group in which people always engaging, always intellectually stimulating, always funny, or always ready with some new fact or story.

Be receptive. All the time. Any time you're out, be open to others' humanness. It's really just that simple. And I don't mean just the people who look like you. 

I make time to compliment local musicians after a show, or while they're on break. 

I'm that crazy person who compliments your funky necklace, out of nowhere, when you're in line at the bank. 

I tip buskers and ask them for their stories. 

I give my change to beggars in the street. I don't stop there. I smile, shake their hand, give them my spare scarf, break my burger in half and share it with them while we sit together on the sidewalk. One of my very good friends became my friend when I bought him a sandwich at Rally's last year. He rode trains for years, slept on my floor for a few days because he was uncomfortable on my couch, and is now living on a boat. He's seen pretty much the entire United States, plays the ukelele like a freak, and is one of the funniest storytellers I know.

I tweet encouraging words to porn stars on Twitter. Do you KNOW how much more satisfying it is to engage with people on an intellectual level? And yes. They're not mere holes, they are people. That lady is somebody's daughter, sister, girlfriend. They're brilliant people, in many cases. Did you know that Katja Kassin is trilingual and acing classes as a double-major? Did you know Jessie of (THAT'S A PORN SITE, don't click on it at work unless you're not keen on keeping your job.) has the most amazing sense of humor, and is a very accomplished, classically-trained dancer?

I politick with anarchists, communists, libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, primitivists, survivalists, preppers, conspiracy theorists. We've become quite good at fighting it out until common ground is found. 

I don't just network with CEO's, entrepreneurs, and published authors at conferences and business expos. I get stories about their families. I don't see people as a commodity or a possible receiver for a product or ideology. I meet them where they are and genuinely care for them.

It really is just. that. simple. Just be receptive and care for a person exactly where s/he is. Human contact is practically medicinal. You both come away with happier hearts.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Post Links: Simplicity is beautiful Five reasons you should start owning less. Costa Rican Small Houses

Look at how lovely it is! This post sports some super-cute photos of little cabins and such. Since my ideal home is 550 square feet or smaller, and the average home in Costa Rica is between 400 and 600 feet, these look to be pretty much perfect. But then I'm one of those weirdos who kind of wish yurts were up to building code. I'm not about to move to the Appalachians and be a yurt-dwelling hermit with goats and chickens, and unless urban homesteading some day becomes yurt-friendly, I'm lookin' at cabins and such. Something with a nice open closet to show off my fashionista pretties, obviously. My Little Home
I MEAN LOOK AT IT. JUST LOOK AT IT. I could weep at the beauty. Right down to the spiral staircase I've dreamed of having in my dream home since I was a little kid! I'd build this exact house, but then probably paint its exterior some obnoxious color that pisses all the neighbors off. Sally interviews a minimalist and takes photos of her closet. A minimalist approach to a killer closet
It's easy to be excited about getting dressed when all that you own are your favorite things.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's go shopping for flats with a recovering heel-addict!

But first, broken-heart recovery 101.

Lesson 1? Don't fall in love with your best friend. Preferably, don't sleep with your best friend. If, like me, you fail at both of these... well, just don't in the first place. He *will* end up dating someone else, and you *will* end up emotionally destroyed for several weeks. If you're awesome, like we are, you'll stay friends. But things will be awkward, and extraordinarily painful, for A WHILE. Especially if it's your second major heartbreak in six months. (Bad me! BAD!!)

Lesson 2: There are very few heartbreaks that copious amounts of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can't fix.

Lesson 3: Friends don't let friends drink and Facebook.

Lesson 4: Therapy window shopping. It's all the fun of real shopping, but you don't clutter up your space or go broke. Just make sure you give yourself cool-off time before actually buying. Make lists. Make sure you actually at least somewhat need that thing you're about to buy.

This gets us, finally, to the point of our new post!

Fortunately, I need flats in a bad way. I got over my short-girl complex a long time ago, honest. But I wear heels because they're sooo very pretty, and they make my tush look better. We pear-shaped ladies tend to be self conscious about such things. Just the same, I'm getting older, and I need to not ruin my feet. Sob. My old roomies, with their orthopedic-looking shoes that they chose for function first, and style... eh, sometimes... would be so proud.

So let's go flat-shopping! Some of these fantastic finds do already grace my closet floor, by the way. I went from having only two busted-ass pairs of flats that needed to be tossed, to five! I go reasonably-priced or not at all. Alas, the Loubotin taste on a Payless budget. Here we go! (okay, we'll look at a few $400 pairs of shoes for funsies, as you wish.)