Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inspiration International 1.1: Male edition

In direct spite of what passes for menswear in most parts of the United States, I LOVE men's fashion. You men are beautiful, unique creatures with so many options and creative ways to dress up, even to just update a standard combo of jeans and T-shirts.

You'll notice most of this post's sources are from Japanese or Chinese blogs. Those Asian dudes just really know how to do it up right. I hope these inspire creativity. Or, at the very least, I hope they make you think.

Don't forget to visit the source-blogs and thank their photographers, if you like what you see! They work hard to convey the art of personal style.

Mint Fashion Snap: Ghostbusters!

The Sartorialist: Small accessory, big impact

Mint Fashion Snap: Awesome self-made jacket

Stylites Beijing: All Layered Up

Tokyo Fashion: Trench

Rid Fashion Street Snap: Tweed Ruffle

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