Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode to hats (a.k.a. Things Indy needs more of)

 OK, I started working on this post, and then the big hoop-dee-lah royal wedding happened today, so now I have even MORE fodder for my point: Click, die of sartorial glee.

Does Prince William's new mum-in-law know how to ROCK a hat, or what?

I've been on a massive hat kick lately. Buying, making, and decorating hats and fascinators has become my new pastime. I now have a gigantic wicker box and an oversized tote bag full of the things. You'd expect the wearing of these confections to be looked at somewhat strangely in Vincennes.

But in Indy? We're on the up-tick toward becoming quite the fashion-zone. And yet I barely even see enough fedoras! And besides, fedoras are EVERYWHERE now. Innovate, y'all! I hereby propose that we need to wear a lot more hats along the way.

My current passion is the bowler. Think of Sally Bowles, maybe Alex from A Clockwork Orange (one creepy fellow, but his sartorial wits were the ONE thing he had in the right place), oh, and this guy:

Oh, yes.
A fine affair, indeed. Rawr.
Give me one good reason why not. It's flattering, versatile for a range of ensembles from professional to flamboyant, and it can be decorated with a variety of colored bands, feathers, and such. Must HAVE one.\

I've already extolled the joys of a nice, big floppy straw hat in a previous post.

I also really like this new, steampunk-esque take on the classic tophat.

via Tom Banwell, available on Etsy. (this statement not endorsed by the hatmaker)
The tophat is such a classic. I've become enamored with the thought of creating all kinds of hatbands out of things not designed to be hatbands, ever since I saw this delightful picture:

Found via Antique_Dolly
I can't wait to get my own decorated hats, miniature-hats, and flower, feather, and lace fascinators onto people's heads. If you think you're not a hat-person, you probably just haven't found the right one(s) yet. Take care; it can become an addiction.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Personal style: Incorporating dolly kei elements into everyday

It's well established that I'm super-enamored with the Dolly Kei style tribe that's slowly establishing itself out of Tokyo and into the world at large. But I meet the same sticking-point, over and over, as I evangelize the fun of the style. "That looks AWESOME," they say, "But I don't think I could pull off something that out-there."

I submit my Easter ensemble for your consideration, my dear skeptics:

Black embellished tunic-style dress: Candie's, on clearance at Kohls.
Curtain tassel: $9 at Jo-Ann Fabrics
Hat: Thrifted and self-decorated with silk ribbon, hydrangeas and peonies.
Green jade earrings: A handmade gift from my fiance'
Not shown: sensible nude pumps

The dress is fantastic because it is oh so versatile, just like a LBD should be, but the detailing sets it apart from the average LBD. I almost wore an oversized white butterfly pendant, but even though it was huge, it just shrank into the lacy collar.

A curtain tassel adds interest, is easy to coordinate, and takes the whole thing from 2D to 3D. With a beaded black eveningwear top or dress, a black tassel is amazingly elegant. I've noticed tassel-style beaded necklaces popping up on jewelry-shop racks here and there, too.

You probably wouldn't wear *this* hat everyday, but a nice big straw hat is a breezy, fun option for spring and summer. I consider at least one sun hat a must-have. Go with a plain one, or a more modestly-sized cloche or fedora if the big brim seems too flamboyant for your taste. Hats are so versatile! You can accessorize with a ribbon, scarf, a nice brooch -- I have a leftover groom's lily boutonniere that I stick to my straw hats with some corsage pins.

Oh, and if you *do* want this hat, it will be coming up for sale online in a matter of weeks!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A brief halt for safety's sake

Um, I'm not really sure how to even say this in a public sphere. My trusted friends close to home know what's up, and I feel like I owe it to you, dear readers, to at least let you know that I've halted work on the blog and on my online shop for darn good reason.

To be brief, I have reasons to fear for my safety and I need to make some abrupt changes to make sure I remain unharmed. Some of my property has not been so fortunate. You'll forgive me, please, for being so cryptic, but I don't know what the person(s) involved in this harrassment, vandalism, threatening behavior, etc. can and can't see, and I would rather be overly-cautious than risk a repeat performance. I'm not *quite* the most scared I've ever been, but things are freaky indeed on the home front. If you're a praying type of person, I'd appreciate it. If you aren't, please send good thoughts and hope life goes back to normal quickly.

I was going to get all my photography and formatting done to open the online store within the next week or two. In taking time to secure my safety, I'm forced to delay that to my originally-planned opening time. We'll be launching the shop on the first week of May, just in time to go schmooze at Cincinnati Fashion Week. Color me excited!

I am sincerely sorry, my darlings, and thank you for sticking with me in a difficult time.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In honor of 90's fashion making a comeback...

Let's go visit 1990, shall we!

What's your favorite trend you want to bring back? What do you hope stays faaaaar away in the annals of recent history?

(psst! Three more days ti' the next Fashionista Meetup Luncheon! Have you RSVP'd yet?