Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Damn. Midwest Fashion Week canceled for October.

It's gotten mixed press for years now, and they've canceled the fall event with less than a month's notice? What's going on, Berny?

I received the press release below:
INDIANAPOLIS, September 24, 2013—While Fashion Week is currently underway in the major fashion capitals of the world, sources from the local Midwestern staple, started in 2006, are releasing details regarding the highly anticipated events. Originally slated for October 14-19, 2013, Midwest Fashion Week events for the fall season have been cancelled, with planning for the Spring/Summer 2014 show already in the works.

Midwest Fashion Week Founder, Berny Martin, says event followers are not to worry about the future of the bi-annual event series stating, “While we regret to inform our fans and supporters that our October 2013 events are cancelled, we currently have some exciting things happening behind the scenes. We know this will mean a bigger and brighter future for Midwest Fashion Week and look forward to bringing our best show yet, which we are excited to announce will take place the week of March 17, 2014.”

In the wake of cancellation, the event series, known for bringing awareness to the Midwest’s fashion industry, is currently focusing on building relationships to take Midwest Fashion Week to new levels.
About Midwest Fashion Week

Midwest Fashion Week is based in Indianapolis, IN and consistently provides local, national and international designers a platform to showcase their work while fulfilling its mission to make high fashion attainable in the region. For more information, contact info@MidwestFashionWeek.com or visit MidwestFashionWeek.com. Media event participation and inquiries can be directed to media@midwestfashionweek.com.

To learn more about Midwest Fashion Week and to inquire further information regarding becoming a sponsor/vendor/featured designer, please visitwww.MidwestFashionWeek.com or contact:info@midwestfashionweek.com.
What do you think of this? I haven't been to a MFW because so far, when I've had the time, I haven't had the money, and when I've had the money, I haven't had the time.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I post links.

Betsey Johnson spring/summer 2014. This dress needs to GET ON MY BODY RIGHT NOW.

1) First and foremost: A person in Indiana leadership, who is a Republican, is pulling shenanigans against women. Again. This time, it's Attorney General Greg Zoeller, who said he wants to curb the expensive, and awful, levels of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in the state. Wanting to protect infants is good!

However, he said one of the options on the table is mandatory drug testing of ALL pregnant people in the state. This is bad!

Then when we raised a fuss, he tried to say he never said that. This is stupid! Because we have transcripted proof!

(I'm actually working on a longer post on the fight for women's basic rights in Indiana. So, stay tuned for that. For now, I'm grinding my ax in more private channels than this one.)

2) New York Fashion Week happened. Trends happened. Which ones will you be seeking out for your spring shopping?  I'm kind of thrilled about those high-necked tank tops like we saw in the 90's having a moment. Also, LOTS of black and white, which is kinda my thing.

And that's not even going off on my favorites like Diane Von Furstenberg and Betsey Johnson (I so want her models' cotton candy  hair)! Also, Giles featured BATS! Oh, my fluttering heart <3 That whole collection was just yay!

3) Jessica's a woman after my own heart this week.

4) Allie just doesn't give a f---. But she can't say that anymore.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Things that seriously crack me up...

Yeah, OK, I'll be the immature person this morning and admit that poop jokes make me laugh. Especially when told by a fancy, proper British lady:

Jezebel is all about the snark because it's just one more thing for us women to be ashamed of,  but I say that smells like manufactured outrage. Isn't *everyone* at least a little skittish on the subject?

I'm more concerned about what's in the stuff. I mean, if everyone and her grandma starts using this spray... will we have water supply issues in ten years? Won't SOMEONE think of the children? I guess it's stink-bomb problems now, or water shortages later. Maybe. I'm being too lazy to look at the ingredient list this morning.

Unrelated: I finally have internet at my own place now. So maybe we can make some magic happen more frequently than once a month around here! Huzzah!