Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jared's first post

I found Tiffany S. while I was in a daze wandering the streets of downtown. This happens sometimes when I skip breakfast. It was around noon and she didn't seem to be in a hurry, casually walking, on her way to what I presume would be Point B. Alternatively Point A, would seem to be Thomas Caterers where she works.

When I introduced myself and explained that I had stopped her for a local fashion blog, her face LIT UP. From that point on she couldn't stop smiling. As it turns out, Tiffany S. is a big fan of fashion. Always thumbing through fashion magazines, and reading up on the newest designs. She rattled off designer after designer while my little boy head spun and nodded agreeingly (force of habit around well dressed and pretty girls).

Caption: A Kathy Van Zeeland bag with a necklace Tiffany S. added.

I commented on her bag, she eagerly proclaimed it to be "a Kathy, but I added the necklace the other day. I like it". Me too!, wonderful Tiffany person, me too! "My coat is from Express and my jean leggings are from Joe's Jeans". I corrected her mispronunciation of jeggings (a word I found on Google one time). When I took a photo of her boots I noted a recent blog post on winter boots. She excitedly described how she'd been looking for boots recently and finally found these at Shï. I told her she was very wise to have overpaid for them while in season. She agreed laughingly.

Caption: Winter boots from Shï.

I asked what inspires her fashion, she instantly said "Edie Sedgwick", a name I strongly remembered but couldn't place from where. Edie was a socialite in the 80's and is best known for her time spent with pop artist and/or genius Andy Warhol. If you haven't seen the movie Factory Girl, netflix that, it's really well done and all about her. Immediately after Edie, she mentioned Rachel Zoe as another big inspiration.

I could no longer bother the poor girl for photos as I had to go eat mediocre Indian food (seriously, I need to stop skipping breakfast). I gave her a link to the blog and parted in opposite directions. Which is good I imagine, because parting in the same direction is awkward.

Author/Photographer: The Jared Wilcurt


  1. love it! Your the best!

  2. Tiffany, I presume? You look fabulous in these pics -- hopefully maybe I'll see you downtown myself some time, and we can talk fashion and get some more pictures! Thank you again for posing for the blog. The necklace on the Kathy bag was a *very* nice touch, btw.



  3. thanks, that would be fabulous! Love what your doing!