Minimalism & Mindfulness

Okay, so I'm cheating a bit. There's a lot of minimalism info in these links, but also permaculture, urban homesteading, green design and decor, environment-conscious simple living, and tiny house interests involved here. They sort of mesh together, so for the time being, they'll be kept in the same place.


365 Less Things
Amy's Mindful Living
Becoming Minimalist
Born Again Minimalist
The Everyday Minimalist
Minimalist Packrat
Miss Minimalist
The Minimalistas
The Minimalists
The Minimalist Mom
Zen Habits

Mindfulness, Environment, Green Design:

Amy's Mindful Living
Dishfunctional Designs
Green Diary
Man vs. Debt
Mother Earth News
New Earth Daily


120 Square Feet
Fort A Day
Intentionally Small
Kevin's Microhomestead
Little House on a Small Planet
Small House Society
Tiny Free House
Tiny House Blog
Tiny House Design
Tiny House Swoon
Tiny House Talk
Tiny Pallet House
Tumbleweed Houses Blog

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