Friday, December 31, 2010

These boots were made for... purchasing produce?

So, I tagged along with Jared to Kroger, and he sort of laughed when I grabbed my camera. "Who are you going to see to photograph at Kroger," he said.

Rachel, that's who. I complimented her on her red hair, she complimented mine, and we suddenly, instantly bonded over the wide selection of canned soups. Crazy how these things work out. She was happy to put down her lettuce and Portabellos so we could snap a few good shots.

Photos and edits courtesy of The Jared.

We had to get a pic of her boots. "I got those at a TJ Maxx in Chicago," she said. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a pair of strategically-battered boots worn over the jeans. Maybe it's a throwback to my childhood days, riding horses and tromping through the mud puddles at the State Forest in Pike County. You can take the girl out of the hick-town, but you can't take the hick-town out of the girl.

 Oh, my friends, it was a PAIN to get a decent picture of this necklace. But get a load of that hunk o' turquoise. So worth it. I regret to say that we were so deep in conversation that I forgot to ask where she got her necklace. Fashion-blogger fail. D'you still love me?

She accessorized her simple jeans, T-shirt, and black leather jacket with a mustard-yellow scarf that SO works with her hair, a beige leather shoulder-bag, and that most essential of all accessories -- a great, big, genuine smile. The best subjects are the ones who are so clearly brimming with joie de vivre. Props, Miss Rachel. You rock.


  1. she's adorable and you're right to grab a photo of her outfit. very cute!

  2. Thank you! She's one of my favorite subjects since the start of this blog.

  3. I love her necklace! Turqioise is my favorite piece! :)