Sunday, December 12, 2010

Disco-ball beret

This is Andrea. Andrea doesn't think she truly has style. I beg to differ, Andrea.

She says she borrowed the beret from a friend. I saw some just like this two days ago at Target. Get thee to Target and hook yourself up, Andrea!

Meet Scott. Scott likes to photobomb people. Bad Scott. Bad.

OK. That's a pretty sweet suit jacket. I guess you can stay.

Andrea lives in Broad Ripple and DJ's all over Indy. She says she gets her clothes mostly at Goodwill. Scott is a West Side resident, works at a local grocery, and says he likes to shop at Kohl's. "I just like suits," he says.

Thrift-store queens: Andrea in her disco-esque top. Me in a thrifted LBD with Betsey Johnson belt.

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