Hi. My name is Leah. This blog started as a street-style blog for Indianapolis, since we didn't really have one. My friend Jared and I collaborated to bring the awesome. Then I moved to Evansville. It was nigh impossible to keep up with the blog's original purpose, so now it's a whatever-I-want page. I'm still heavily into fashion and personal style as a hobby, so you'll still see a lot of this

Also, though, I'm sharing my adventures in recapturing my joie de vivre.

 Three years ago, I had just about everything I thought I'd dreamed. I wanted to live and work in downtown Indianapolis, and that's what I was doing. But I was a mess. I guess I should have been more specific and purposeful. I nearly drank myself to death, I engaged in tons of frivolous therapy shopping that never made it any better, and I generally felt unattractive and worthless. There's nothing much fun about hating your job and having a full apartment, full closet, but nothing to wear and nothing you really enjoy.

A few years ago, I left Indy to get married. Well, then I didn't end up getting married. My ex kept all my Evansville friends. I work for a generally great company, providing customer service solutions via email, phone, and proactive social media responses. I have a goal to transition into something involving more social/new media, but it would have to be somewhere that respects the fact I'm also an outspoken activist. I hid my light under a bushel for The Job's sake for a while, and it was terrible. If someone would fire me for standing up for my beliefs, I don't want them to hire me in the first place. I love to be proud of the work I do and help to grow a quality business or organization.

I'm a hardcore feminist, a believer in equal rights for all regardless of gender, creed, sexuality, age, size etc. I also skew a bit toward the Goth side, so you'll undoubtedly see that influence.

I don't just want to improve my own life. Nothing makes me feel better more quickly than doing something kind for somebody else.

I'm interested in minimalist/tinyhouse lifestyle choices, because buying stuff did not make me happy. I'm more interested in enjoying myself and the people around me, and doing things rather than buying things.

So. These are the adventures in building a life I enjoy, rather than being escapist. These are the lessons I learn along the way. And you're totally invited to come along, improve your own life right along with me, and we're gonna look damn good while we figure this stuff out together.

p.s. If you'd like to talk it up, I tweet over at twitter.com/circlecitystyle, and my LinkedIn is over here. I've also got a D20Girls Facebook fan page for all your nerdgal needs.

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