Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Situating and contentment

Hi y'all!

Well, that took a little longer than I expected. But now that I'm moved in, I've got the place... eh, somewhat decorated the way I want it but not entirely, and things are going... well, wow. Pretty damn great, actually... I'm back around to play again!

Things have changed a lot! I've gotten addicted to Pinterest. I've gotten rid of a LOT of stuff, both literal belongings and emotional baggage, that were holding me back. I'm getting back to being involved in activism for causes I care about, and I'm picking back up where I left off on freelance efforts, developing existing clientele and soon will be seeking new.

I've got the most stupendous boyfriend ever and we do things like built sheet-forts and drink juice boxes, try cooking new things, and have contests to see who can call each other the most disgusting pet name. Neither of us has thrown up yet. First to vomit loses. I think I got him to heave just a little when I called him "silly willy panda poo," but still no solid win yet. So if you've got a suggestion for the most stupid, gross, hurl inducing pet name ever, let me know! I'm in this thing to win!

Oh, and we rescued a kitten!
Tentatively named Wendell Austintatious Stabbington Smith the Elder. And I think he may secretly be a pirate.

The guy is also a photographer. Score! We're going to start photographing our adventures and sharing them with you, and I'm going to be posting outfit pics again! And maybe....  just maybe... there'll be a street style blogging renaissance around here!

How have y'all been? I've missed you!