Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's go shopping for flats with a recovering heel-addict!

But first, broken-heart recovery 101.

Lesson 1? Don't fall in love with your best friend. Preferably, don't sleep with your best friend. If, like me, you fail at both of these... well, just don't in the first place. He *will* end up dating someone else, and you *will* end up emotionally destroyed for several weeks. If you're awesome, like we are, you'll stay friends. But things will be awkward, and extraordinarily painful, for A WHILE. Especially if it's your second major heartbreak in six months. (Bad me! BAD!!)

Lesson 2: There are very few heartbreaks that copious amounts of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can't fix.

Lesson 3: Friends don't let friends drink and Facebook.

Lesson 4: Therapy window shopping. It's all the fun of real shopping, but you don't clutter up your space or go broke. Just make sure you give yourself cool-off time before actually buying. Make lists. Make sure you actually at least somewhat need that thing you're about to buy.

This gets us, finally, to the point of our new post!

Fortunately, I need flats in a bad way. I got over my short-girl complex a long time ago, honest. But I wear heels because they're sooo very pretty, and they make my tush look better. We pear-shaped ladies tend to be self conscious about such things. Just the same, I'm getting older, and I need to not ruin my feet. Sob. My old roomies, with their orthopedic-looking shoes that they chose for function first, and style... eh, sometimes... would be so proud.

So let's go flat-shopping! Some of these fantastic finds do already grace my closet floor, by the way. I went from having only two busted-ass pairs of flats that needed to be tossed, to five! I go reasonably-priced or not at all. Alas, the Loubotin taste on a Payless budget. Here we go! (okay, we'll look at a few $400 pairs of shoes for funsies, as you wish.)

(Side note: I KNOW that she who dies with the best shoes, still dies. But I can't help it that I know what I like, y'all! Anyway, YOU'RE the one reading a fashion blog, so don't judge me. Hah.)

The Basic Black:

Steve Madden Angel leather flat, $39.95
I do not own this shoe yet, but so help me, I will. I'm so over buying a pleather point-toed flat at Payless or Target for $15, only to have it fall apart, stink beyond redemption, or get all frayed-up and gross at the toe, revealing the textile beneath. If it were a quality, leather item, I'd just be able to smear some shoe polish on that sucka and keep right on moving! Score. And it goes with everything, and it's classy. Shoes like this remind me of Audrey Hepburn. I'm honestly torn a little between this one and the Jessica Simpson Leve flat.

Taryn Rose Babson flat, $99.95
I don't go much for rounded toes, but the ruching and the cute little crisscross elastic sold it to me. It's classier than your average little basic ballet flat. Also comes in gold, yo!

Audrey Burke Pierre ballet flat, 59.95
If this had been real leather instead of faux, I'd be all over it. I think this shoe is gorgeous. I'd feel like a graceful little princess ballerina in it. Per the reviews on DSW, this is a knockoff of a Chloe flat that costs nearly ten times as much. Frankly, the Chloe one is much prettier, but what's a middle-class gal to do? These from ModCloth look a lil' similar, too, except for that clunky buckle.

The Just Plain Awesome:

Betsey Johnson Lilliann flat, $54.99
I own this one. I gasped a little at the price, but OH MY GAWD. These shoes are so adorable on your feet! I wish they were a tad more comfortable, and I was nervous at first because they look LONG in the box. I was afraid I'd have to send them back and get a smaller size. They just make your feet look slim, and sassy, and oh so classy.

MIA Babette flat, $34.99
Adorable. Comfy. Oh, and did I mention super, super cute? I couldn't do with a just plain every day Mary Jane. I needed dainty cutouts. The tie-closure is nice and fun, too. I get compliments galore in these little babies. They also come in taupe and a cute pale pink.

Polina bow flat, $42.99
I pine for these. Christian Siriano is one of my top-two favorite Project Runway contestants of all time! Besides that, these are just adorable! (Dare I say fierce...) The taupe one with the circle pattern, not the weird metallic ones. I love me some metallics, but this one in the Champagne just... doesn't sit right with me. It reminds me of a cheap pair of prom shoes. Your mileage may vary.

The Trendy:

Michael Antonio Rosemead, $29.99
Cap-toe shoes are EVERYWHERE right now. They're all over the interwebs, and in stores. Pick your poison. This one runs a little small. I have these in my closet. They were pretty irresistible at that price, but I might send them back and go a half-size up.

Bright As Aire flat, 36.99
It's colorblocked! And I do kinda love an ankle strap. To hell with self-consciousness about your ankles. Your ankles look great. Flaunt 'em!

Night at the Musical flat, $29.99
What kind of style-blogger would I be without including at least one nod to Pantone's color of the year, emerald? Darling. Just darling. Also, see this to-die-for stripey ballet flat, and this strappy, pale mint flat if you're not quite bold enough for BRIGHT EMERALD!

And, of course, if you're looking for an inexpensive glitter flat, one can't really beat the Chelsea flat at Payless.

The Quirky:

The Dolly flat, $88.00
I die for this flat. The beautiful neutral tone, the ribbon ties. THEY HAVE CUTE LITTLE SASSY FACES ON THEM! And, for Anthropologie, they're pretty reasonably priced, honestly.

The Up Your Alley Cat Flat, $47.99
I mean, are you freaking kidding me right now!! Many squees have ensued at the sight of this shoe. J'a-freaking-dore.

Demonia Creeper 208 Cheetah Glitter, $56.95
So there's a little of a platform. Still counts in my opinion. Based on what I've seen on japanesestreets.com, thesartorialist.com, and a few other little enormously popular sites, the 90's style creeper is coming back in a big way.

There's also the Daisy mary jane which I ADORE, especially in the blue.

And, lastly and most expensively, the Frye Deborah Star Short at $498.00

I burn and pine and perish for this boot. There's a little heel on it, but frankly, I still consider anything under one inch to be flat. It comes in black vintage or white cracked leather. I freakin' love it. I'll never afford it. I just had to include this pair of boots because I love them so, so very much.


  1. Recovering heel addict, Lol, I love that! The only thing is that I'm not in the recovery phase yet... I'll be sure to remember your recommendations when I kick my habit!

    Jamie @ StreetStyleIndy.com

  2. I can't really seem to do flats :(
    sadface because they're so cute, just look at the Betsey Johnson ones or the cat flats! It's just that I walk funny in flat shoes and most are so paper thin (yes, even some designer ones in my experience) that I can feel every pebble I step on so I stick to heels - at least that way I don't walk funny ^-^

    Great picks though! :)