Thursday, March 21, 2013

PATTERN magazine has launched!

And oh, my gawd, it's BEAUTIFUL.

Indy residents, you are so lucky, you are soooo so lucky to have such a talented fashion community in your midst. One of the fashion community's best, Maggie, talks here about the magazine's successful launch, and about interviewing powerhouse local designer Nikki Blaine

One can view the entire magazine at Pattern's Web site, but if you really want a stellar publication right on your coffee table, pick up a glossy copy at any of the following establishments: Barnes & Noble, Indy Reads Books on Massachusetts Avenue, the IMA gift shop, Retro 101 mobile boutique (like a food truck but with CLOTHES which is so much cooler!), and Books a Million.

*squeal* Why YES, I'm excited! Very excited! Pardon me while I scamper off to read Pattern Magazine!

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