Friday, March 22, 2013

6 Reasons Hats Should Come Back Into Full-Time Vogue

Moi. Straight-up diva, yo. (Got the hat at Dillard's!)

1) We already love them for occasions. 
The Kentucky Derby. Easter. Fancy-dress parties. People freakin' love hats. People are just so far in the closet about their love of hats, they can probably see Narnia.

Isabella, the ultimate hat-wearing diva of our time.

2) Why should the trilby wearing douchebros have all the fun?
Gentlemen, I submit to you a small collection of acceptable, sexy, non-douchey (unless the wearer is a douche) manly fedora-ish hats:
Vintage 1960s porkpie, Etsy seller TheLonelySock
Brixton "Ranch" Fedora
Tommy Bahama braided paper fedora
Tommy Bahama Golf palm fiber fedora
Nocona Indy

3) They make the "what am I going to do with my hair?" question moot.
Because who's going to be looking at your hair when you're wearing THIS delightful confection!

Etsy seller HatTrix

4)Nobody rocks a hat like a elderly Black gentleman, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to emulate.
I rest my case: 
Morgan, you sexy devil.

5) The sun ages you! Keep it off with style!

6) Browsing and buying a unique hat is a great way to support small businesses.
Here are just a few of the amazing purveyors on Etsy:

emilliner (Emily is local to Indianapolis, by the way! I've met her! She's glorious!)

Hat-timid? Try a fascinator, a cloche, or a simple beanie/skullcap. Perhaps even a turban. Or a different turban.

Sweetest of the sweet. Via Emilliner.

Gentlemen: to try a brimmed hat, but afraid of looking like a douche? Go for a true fedora or a derby, rather than a trilby (Their brims are bigger, and they're usually accented with a little feather.) Or try a porkpie, top hat,  or bowler. Or the standard driving hat, which is also generally a winner.

Humperdinck Hats

Rrowr. Via Humperdinck Hats.

Or why not a cowboy hat? Why NOT a cowboy hat?

Nocona Dakota via Zappos

Ready to let your full diva flag fly? Here are some options for that:

Via Pookaqueen.
Pookaqueen again. *covet drool die*

Via Hattrix

OH YES. Via MiriamLeala

It's a cupcake! ON YOUR HEAD!

What up, goth bats! We're totally covered:

Gawth top-hat via CandysHats

Dramatic beaded, feathered headpiece via HopscotchCouture

goth/steampunk tricorne hat via Blackpin

Spiderweb cloche hat via GracefulButterfly

Bat headband/fascinator via HorriblyEclectic

Glitter skull fascinator via HorriblyEclectic
And still more deliciousness at, if you crave it.

What's your favorite kind of hat? How often do you wear 'em?

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