Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help me shop for my new glasses!

The last time I got a new frame, I was becoming a little burned out on my usual purchase: plastic, statement-y frames in black, tortoise, or purple. I decided on a nondescript, semi-frameless metallic pink pair, which I chose with the full intent of people looking at my eyes instead of my glasses. I still love 'em, but lately, I've been longing to put a little wow on my face. I still have a beautiful pair of seafoam-green vintage cat eye frames that my step-grandma gave me. (She has always had the most impeccable taste!) They have rhinestones and a little star in each corner... and also unfortunate puppy teeth-marks on the lenses, which we had replaced with my own prescription when I was fifteen.

I haven't been able to wear contact lenses since I was in high school, due to a corneal ulcer I had around that time. Fortunately, I don't really even miss them most of the time, except for in cosplaying situations. I usually just take off the glasses for photos, but rock along in my own signature framed way the rest of the time.

So, I'll be keeping the nondescript pink frames as a spare, most likely getting a second replacement of the lenses in those vintage cat-eyes (surely my prescription has changed in thirteen years anyway) and there are my new black and white checkered sunglasses to update with my prescription. I've been itching for a new statement frame, though, and I've come up eligible with my vision insurance, so why not indulge?

Frankly, I think I've already got my heart set on this pair:
Love frame via

But you can try to convince me otherwise.

There's the brunette tortoiseshell, these amazing purple/clear hornrims, a fuschia pair, green from the currently-trendy Warby Parker, the distinguished Zagg Tennessee Whiskey, another purple cat-eye, pink plus tortoise via Coach, these delightful ladies from Tiffany, Essential Eyewear rectangular frames in blue, Prada, Vogue, pink tortoise from Versace, and this Versace pair in black or purple (frankly, I think the black is classier.)

Pretty sure my vision insurance doesn't fully subsidize Versace, but that pair is my second-favorite after the purple Love pair with those adorable hearts in the corners! I also think those Tiffany frames just kill with those tiny keys on the earpieces! I die! How could anyone NOT envy a lady in some stylish glasses?

Which pair do you crave the hardest? If money were no object, what would your fantasy eyeglass frame be?

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