Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 18: The Season for Nice

I think for this one, writing about the reason I ended up locking my blog down for a few months probably counts. I am not sure how much overall good I did for the world, but it was a solidarity move for every woman and every family that a very, very terrible excuse for a man has hurt.

I got a message from a friend of mine, who is a DJ in the Indianapolis area, that a venue in Chicago had booked this A-hole guy to DJ at an event. A sexual predator who facilitates the harassment and bullying of women to the point where it's not hyperbole to say that lives are ruined. To the point where no fewer than two women have taken their own lives as a result. And now he's a (bleep)ing celebrity DJ.

So we took his booking down through applying public pressure.

I add that, about 3 weeks after he did this, he and his main accomplice were indicted for hacking into women's computers and stealing material to post onto his now-defunct website, along with personal identifying information including phone numbers and addresses. And there are clearly a lot of men out there who hate women enough to harass not only them but also their employers, in an attempt to ruin these women's lives. Revenge porn is still only illegal in, like, four states by the way.

So I spoke up for a lot of women who this jerk has harmed. And then I took myself out of the picture voluntarily for a while afterward, so that I wouldn't be targeted. I don't know how wise it even is to speak about it now, especially given that I have some past online actions that could, honestly, be dug up and used against me (which I was coerced into by a guy I was dating at the time.)

But we cannot afford to all be silent in the face of monsters who walk among us. And I am tired of being afraid of him, and afraid of my past. I figure it can only destroy me if I let it.

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