Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting it together

In January, I locked-down all social media as a pre-emptive measure against someone I found threatening. I don't know if I would have been targeted, but I know that other women have in the past, and I was not about to take any chances.

I was going to unlock it at the end of February, but it seems like everything this winter got stuck in a mode like we were trying to run through a pool of molasses, so that didn't happen. At least I'm in good company; a lot of people complained of hitting a slump in the long, never-ending winter.

I've also had a particularly fun bout with the depression lately, though I'd still classify it in the mild-to-moderate category. The plan was to finish up on all the Think Kit prompts, which Indy folks had been working on as a group in December, and unlock the blog with all these shiny new prompted posts.

Well, it looks like what happens when nobody is watching is that I just don't write.

I don't know if my drive is actually just that bad, or if it was just the depression combined with my lack of internet at home (it is PROHIBITIVELY expensive. Thanks, near-monopoly!)

I'm leaning toward the latter. I still freely admit that self-discipline is a thing I need to be working daily to strengthen. And it seems to me that a good way to keep myself focused and accountable is to write about my efforts here.

I'm also single again, in nomenclature at least. Allen and I are still crazy over each other, but -- and I'm going to keep a lot of the details just between us -- we had a lot of issues, especially in terms of making enough quality time to be with each other, and well, according to him, it took me ending things to give him a wake-up call. So I'm still bent on taking things slowly and probably non-exclusively dating him and perhaps a few other people over the next couple of months before I make up my mind.

That's the quickie version of what's going on lately. There's a LOT more, but I'm going to save that for when I pound out the last of those December Think Kit prompts, and then tuck into the monthly prompts they've gone to, and also hammer out a sustainable, workable model for this blog. After some discussion with Crystal of Dressed Her Days Vintage, I think I have some ways to make it easier for this place to be more consistently updated and worth reading. But I'm keeping those cards pretty close to my chest for now. After the move in May or June to either Downtown Indy or the west side, things will probably be easier.

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