Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Post Links: This girl is awesome! Plus more on the simple life.

So there's this artist who I just found via one of my favorite personal-style bloggers, Allie.

Girl's name is Zoe (That's my cat's name! Cool points!), she lives in Nashville, she isn't even out of high school yet, and holygod, she's awesome. Her sense of personal style is a lot more ostentatious than mine is presently, but we'd have gotten along famously when I was her age. We share a delight in Frida Kahlo and somewhat-surrealist art in general.

Okay, I probably also love it in part because it's awfully close to an outfit I'd wear myself, what with all the black and white with pattern-mixing and spiky shoes. BUT TIARA! If you aren't inspired by this girl, you might just not have a pulse, that's all I'm sayin'.

I also found this great article on the unnecessary ageist hatin' that we women sometimes perpetrate on each other in the streets, via Sally at Already Pretty. Yeah, the Closet Feminist is one of my new faves, yo. Thanks for the link, Sally.

In honor of spring cleaning season: A couple of articles on mini-missions to win the fight against yer clutter!

via Minimalist Packrat: Do the 15 Minute Boogie

And the Best Subject Line of the Day award goes to... Minimalist Packrat with Releasing My Inner Sparkle Pony!

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