Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Freaky Fascinations: My favorite jewelry involving BUGS!

My fascination with spiders, growing up, was pretty much legendary. I had spider bracelets, spiderweb earrings, spiderweb patterned tights, spider necklaces... you get the point.

Well, these days, everyone seems to be getting in on the bug-jewelry fun wagon, including Tory Burch and JC Penney! I dare say these creations are much classier than teenage-me found at Spencer Gifts and Halloween clearance sales. From antique finds to high-fashion creations, here are some of my favorite darling little bugs:

Butterfly AND spider in a resin pendant, by Etsy seller BackToMyBranch

Tory Burch 'Buddy' Pendant

Braided spider bracelet by Etsy seller gotowrist
No-piercing ear cuff by Etsy seller ExquisiteStyle
Garnet ladybug pendant from Zales
Bee bracelet and earring set at Morning Glory Antiques (MY GOD THIS SITE.)
Grasshopper brooch at Morning Glory Antiques (I mean are you kidding me!)
Spiderweb necklace by Etsy seller RosesWireArtJewelry
Honey bee specimen bottle necklace by KillJarJewelry (WANT!)
Ladybug ring at Saint By Sarah Jane
Butterfly hoop earrings at The Pyramid Collection
Black diamond spider pendant at JCP

So, are they totally awesome, or am I totally just a creep?

EDITED: I just had to add these cicada earrings from Nylonmag Shop as soon as I saw them! Holy crap, how awesome are these!!

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