Wednesday, April 3, 2013


'Kay, so I'm probably not going to buy any of these except for the comfy flat-sandals, and maybe the Lollapalooza tickets (But *gulp* that's so much money!) but I've been coveting some things lately. I figure posting a collage might get it out of my system, so here we go!

I crave...

  • A black tulle skirt.
  • Some comfy, flat-but-somewhat-cute walking sandals. I'm most drawn to the Anu Maia, but I've ogled some from Kalso, Naya Palomi, Keen, Portlandia, Earth, and another Kalso.
  • A leopard-print flat.
  • Polka-dot heels. This pair is my favorite so far. If going the flat route, this Matisse set is just uh-freakin-dorable. I also dig the Casablanca slingbacks from Anthropologie.
  • Some lace-up boots! Maybe it's all the My So-Called Life I've watched recently. I just want to put on a floral babydoll dress and these boots and sulk around for a little while. Y'know, reclaim my early adolescence.
  • Which segues nicely to LOLLAPALOOZA TICKETS. The 3-day passes AND the one-day passes, on their respective opening days, sold out within like an hour. UNFAIR. All that's left is travel packages for 2. Which means I can get one with my tax refund, which isn't what I wanted to do with that money, but whatever. I've never been, the Postal Service and NIN and The Cure are all performing, and I REALLY want to go to Chicago again since I haven't been since 2007. I don't know who I'd even go with, but I'm open to splitting the 2-person travel package including 2 posters, 2 T-shirts, and a 3-night stay at the James Hotel with pretty much anyone who's non-rapey and willing to drive in Chicago. Anyone got $800 to reimburse me their share?


  1. "Non-rapey", sorry I nearly spluttered tea all over my keyboard! hahaaa!!!! But I must say your Lollpalooza share-ticket criteria is very sound. Oh how I would love to come along for the ride dammit! A black tutu - now that's a huge gaping hole in my wardrobe that urgently needs filling and thanks for the movie heads-up. Searching for that one now:) xo

    1. Also, I do wish you could come along too. You'd be a blast and you'd *have* a blast.

  2. Hahaha! Glad I made your day better, and glad I don't owe you a new keyboard.

    FYI, searching Juliet skirt on Amazon scores one for $25, but it's elastic waist. Not sure if that's a dealbreaker or not, but it's much more inexpensive than the one on Shabbyapple. I'm also definitely NOT built like a ballerina (unless there's a passel of 5-foot 1, D-cup, 150 lb ballet dancers that have escaped my attention!)