Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So, what's your opinion of men in skirts?

I'm actually a big fan of unbifurcated garments on men, and I support this man's endeavor 100 percent. What do you think? In a world where murse, mantyhose, guyliner, and metrosexual have all hit the vernacular, are we in the US ready for the renaissance of the man-skirt?

In other news, WHEW, sorry for the absence. I believe I'm back in commission for real, now. Depression sucks HARD! And finances have been such that I have not been able to keep this blog's original goal, to document street style in Indianapolis. For this space to continue, a format change seems necessary. From here onward, personal style will be the focus. For your Indianapolis street-style fix, I encourage you to visit my friends at the Indianapolis Fashion Collective. They're beautiful, they're doing fantastic things, and one of my hopes is that their street style section grows and grows. I'd like to contribute some photos, next time I am up in Indy.

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