Saturday, December 4, 2010

A crew with some serious style

[EDITED TO FIX SOME WHOOPSIES. Brandon is Qing's boyfriend. I incorrectly said that Nick was. Sorry, guys! That's what I get for not taking notes that are sufficiently legible. *blush*]

While looking to get some darker-styled snaps of the Revenge denizens this Thursday at Tru, I happened upon a most fascinating trio. They were all too happy to show off some moves during DJ Jin-XS's set.

They're so FAST -- one second they're in frame, the next I'm looking at a bunch of cut-off heads. :(

The first member of this group I saw was Qing. Qing's got moves that'd make my idols, the Beatfreaks, proud -- and she's also got some sweet hip-hop style that I just had to get on film. Qing is a New York native, re-located to downtown Indianapolis. She dances in a student crew at IUPUI. She says her style is mostly influenced by her dancing.

This is Nick. Nick is Qing's (extremely photogenic) friend. He's also an IUPUI student, and the two dance in the same crew together. That's almost as sweet as his awesome headscarf is. I should have asked where he got his great skeleton-key necklace. He went so simple - just a black T-shirt, white hoodie, and jeans. Proof you don't have to over think it to look pulled-together.

Finally, we have Brandon, a.k.a. "Edge." Edge is lucky enough to be dating Qing. He dances professionally, touring the nation with his crew, Incognito. He paired huge, geeky black-framed glasses with a striped T and green jacket (He was doing some funky move incorporating said jacket, but he threw it to the floor right before I could get my shot in.)

"I have this quirky, dorky style that I like a lot," he said. "Other crews see me and, since I look like such a nerd, they think I won't be a threat. Then I blow them away."

You can catch Brandon's crew on Friday night, December 10th at the Vogue in Broad Ripple. Musicians that night include Twin Cats, Hyrider, UV Hippo, and Psynapse. Incognito takes the stage at midnight. Cover is $8.

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