Monday, March 31, 2014

The return of personal style!

What's up!

I still don't have the kind of camera that I want in order to do this site justice, but I have finally hit the 21st century by procuring an Android phone! So exciting!

In celebration of this new purchase, I quickly downloaded Instagram to see what all the hype is all about.

I'm about equal parts meh and yay about the whole Instagram thing. But it does seem like it will be a useful tool overall, so if you would like to follow  me there, it's the same handle as you'll find on my Twitter: Circlecitystyle (click to follow me on IG!)

You may recall that this was originally started as a street and personal style/fashion blog. While things are ever evolving in jumps and starts, I feel that it is time to take things back to the root. This will be implemented gradually, and I'm still going to keep discussing the intersections of fashion, lifestyle, and local/state/US politics. That's kind of a different essay entirely to put down in the future, so for now, the tl;dr version is that I'm going to be posting wardrobe pictures again. Full posts will be here on the blog. You'll be able to get previews at the Instagram.

Today's outfit was fun, so let's start there!

Shirt: thrifted, not sure of the label.
Coral lace skater dress, thrifted, Mossimo.
Argyle tights, not sure but probably Target.
I do not remember where I got the robot earrings.
I got the tie-closure flats at

The T-shirt is this really great distressed screenprint of the British flag, but it is a little bit hard to see even in person. I could not find the shirt online, so you'll have to use your imagination aided by this approximation.

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