Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 22: Plan A Project

Think Kit prompt: "Plan, outline, or mind-map a project you want to tackle in 2014."

Recently, I attended UPRISING, a fantastic artistic event put on once a year by Devon Ginn. BTW, do click on the photos and videos on that Twitter search archive. You'll be glad.)

I've also announced, earlier today, that I'm going back to personal style and street-fashion blogging, along with some musings on lifestyle and politics.

^ video credit to Devon Ginn

Uprising is an example of everything going right in Indianapolis. It was an amazing example of diversity done right, and right on the heels of the facepalm-worthy BlackfaceGate perpetrated by Papa Roux, an eatery which was once beloved by a range of food enthusiasts, but more and more is becoming a litmus test for what douchebags eat.

And I really want CCS to be a part of the artist booths for next year. I want us to have some kind of creative photo booth. I noted many good things at Uprising. One of these was that there were a lot of snappy dressers, and it was really a shame that the blog was still not functional at that time to report on the action. The whole event, though, in general, has good attendance, but could use more coverage.

So, now to plan. The most obvious? I need a decent camera, and also to build some kind of creative, and highly portable, backdrop.

I need to stay in touch with Devon as to what more requirements are needed to have a space at Uprising. He's already received word of my interest in this project, so first contact is out of the way.

And, finally, I need to get back into practice photographing. I can practice with the camera on my phone for now, but I've wishlisted an affordable DSLR on Amazon and I'm working toward saving for it. I'm also going to need one or two people to help run the photo booth, and to decide if we're going to use props such as a dry-erase board for messages to immortalize in photo, in addition to just taking photos of well-dressed people.

It doesn't hurt that my ex, who I'm still on VERY good terms with, is a photographer who I can go to for advice.

More details on this project will be forthcoming as they get hammered out.

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  1. This is awesome! All the important parties have been notified and you will be added for next year. The Papa R. issue is one that can only be tackled with intercultural and intellectual discourse. We're here for any project you've got going on to combat that behavior :D