Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 10 (better late than never): On Habits

So, I joined ThinkKit's December blogging challenge thingy yesterday. It's a month-long exercise of daily writing prompts. I wasn't going to join up, but then i got curious, because it seems like EVERYONE on my Twitter feed is doing this. So hooray peer pressure! Here we go!

And then I promptly fell asleep yesterday, right after work, and slept through the whole night. That is what I get for staying up late Monday night catching up on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (Don't judge me. Season 4 is AMAZING so far. Yes, I'm officially pushing thirty and I watch a little kid's TV show, what of it?)

So. I'm doing 2 posts today to catch-up.

Tuesday's prompt was: What habits did you start this year that you want to continue? I decided to write about 2. One serious, one silly.

I was going to write about how I've actually managed to start keeping up on self-care things including regular exercise, whether outside in the warm months, or in the gym as I've been lately, because winter can go suck on a candy cane.

Then I realized it goes a little deeper than that. My very mindset and self-talk habits have changed, and I really think that is the key reason why I failed in the past, and why I've been succeeding for a solid month now. In the past almost-year, I have gone from self-loathing to the point of literally being suicidal, to actually kind of liking who I am and wanting to nourish, care for, and strengthen my body. I'm weird. I'm awkward. I have big thighs. I can't crush my enemies like grapes between my big thighs anymore, but I'm working on getting that back. (Who needs thigh gap when you can be a loaded weapon instead?)

And in May, I'm running the Mini Marathon even if it takes me all day to finish it. So, the habits of more affirmative self-reflection and regular physical training will definitely continue in 2014.

 I've also developed a wig-slash-fake-hair habit that may soon border on ridiculous if I keep it up.

I have a step-grandmother who, to the best of my knowledge, hasn't shown her real hair to the world since probably the 1960's. She has a most fantastic sense of fashion, bargain-shops to beat anyone, and always gives the best Christmas gifts of anyone I know. But I always thought she was crazy for the wig thing.

I now believe she is nothing short of a genius. Although she does focus too hard on people not knowing she is wearing a wig. Same color, texture, and length every day. She looks good, I mean GOOD, but if I'm going to wear a wig, I'm going to change my appearance with it.

So far, I have a short black bob a la Jane from Daria, a purple and black long curly wig, which was made for a Corpse Bride costume but which I'll be using for steampunk Rarity cosplay, an asymmetrical short black wig with electric-blue highlights, a mid-length layered black wig with purple streaks, and a long, slightly-wavy pink wig. I also bought some black clip-on bangs on Amazon yesterday, because I have a five-head, and I like bangs, but I hate styling them.

I'm also working on finding the perfect, curly, cotton-candy pink wig that I can style like one of the models from Betsey Johnson's Spring/Summer 2014 NYFW show:

And behold some screen shots from my Amazon wish list:

We're not even gonna get started on the clip-in color streaks. I think it's safe to say the wig thing is a habit.

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