Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 13 since I'm way behind: (not so) Humorless Feminists

So, I have had very spotty Internet access since my neighbors who I was going in halvsies with moved away, taking their router with them. Internet costs in this town are nothing short of criminal, and it's just been out of my budget. So, I just have to do the best I can. In any case, I'm back for now. I'll be catching up on Think Kit posts as well as I can over the next few days.

Day 13's prompt was: When did you laugh out loud? Share a funny or humorous story from this year.

Oh, there are several. Probably none are safe-for-work reads. There was the joy of getting to see Lou play Cards Against Humanity for the first time. The only thing funnier than the first time you get to play CAH is getting to see the reaction of someone else playing CAH for the first time.

And then there was the Indy Feminists Christmas party at Revolucion in Fountain Square. Turns out we showed up at the same time as Santa Con. We all got pictures with Krampus the Christmas Demon. There was much variety of Christmas dress-up enthusiasts including someone dressed as Buddy from Elf, a Christmas tree, Joseph and pregnant Mary, and at least a hundred Santas and Mrs. Clauses, some of decidedly BDSM persuasions.

They also all wanted pictures with me, since I was wearing a diaphanous red party dress with spiderweb-net sleeves, a cotton-candy-pink wig, furry-trimmed black wedge boots, and Hello Kitty ears at the time. The lighting sucked, so the photos aren't great, but here are a couple:

I'm ready for my spanking, Krampus!

People in 20s-thru-40s period costume for an event at White Rabbit.
There was at least one joke uttered that I may be ill-advised to repeat. But it did make everyone at the table laugh their heads off.

This was one or two days after Nelson Mandela had died, and we had been doing a little bit of kvetching at how folks like Harry Reid kept comparing Mandela to white guys including George Washington. Because if there's anything affluent old white guys like to do, it's compare heroes of marginalized communities to affluent old white guys. The topic shifted to other things, as topics are wont to do in a party situation, and then Mr. Rogers was mentioned.

Harmony said she never really got into Mr. Rogers. Quelle horreur! And then I may have lampooned Harry Reid et al harder than I have ever lampooned before:

"Well, really though, Nelson Mandela really kind of was like the Black Mr. Rogers, right guys?"

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