Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday: I'm Just Me

So, I went on Thursday night to see Stars, California Wives, and Diamond Rings at the Egyptian Room. Stars are absolutely my favorite, favorite, favorite band ever. I could listen to their discography on repeat for days. They didn't disappoint. Far from! In fact, I'd say it was more of an experience than a mere show. My friend, Tony, was there with me, and we were that funny overly-physically-affectionate couple. Even though we're totes not a thing. Stars is just the ultimate music to have on for cuddling, kissy moments. "It sounds like sentimentality and nostalgia" is the way Tony described it. And I mean. I'm still in awe. I was close enough to the stage, I could have touched Chris or Torquil. Every single musician in the band has so much intensity. And when Torquil and Amy put their microphones out and had the audience finish "Your Ex Lover is Dead" for them? I was teary-eyed. I'm not even ashamed to say it. It was one of those moments so beautiful, you're afraid to move or speak or even breathe, you so badly don't want to break the magic of it. This post is about Diamond Rings, though. The dude's a force to be reckoned with.
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 And such a sweetheart too! His new album, Free Dimensional, comes out on October 23rd. And since Tony and I are both apparently in love with him now or something, this week's Music Monday shall be dedicated to his most recent single, "I'm Just Me."

 Thanks, all three bands, for showing Indy a fantastic time Thursday night. And thanks to My Old Kentucky Blog for having them on at the Egyptian Room.

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