Sunday, April 24, 2011

Personal style: Incorporating dolly kei elements into everyday

It's well established that I'm super-enamored with the Dolly Kei style tribe that's slowly establishing itself out of Tokyo and into the world at large. But I meet the same sticking-point, over and over, as I evangelize the fun of the style. "That looks AWESOME," they say, "But I don't think I could pull off something that out-there."

I submit my Easter ensemble for your consideration, my dear skeptics:

Black embellished tunic-style dress: Candie's, on clearance at Kohls.
Curtain tassel: $9 at Jo-Ann Fabrics
Hat: Thrifted and self-decorated with silk ribbon, hydrangeas and peonies.
Green jade earrings: A handmade gift from my fiance'
Not shown: sensible nude pumps

The dress is fantastic because it is oh so versatile, just like a LBD should be, but the detailing sets it apart from the average LBD. I almost wore an oversized white butterfly pendant, but even though it was huge, it just shrank into the lacy collar.

A curtain tassel adds interest, is easy to coordinate, and takes the whole thing from 2D to 3D. With a beaded black eveningwear top or dress, a black tassel is amazingly elegant. I've noticed tassel-style beaded necklaces popping up on jewelry-shop racks here and there, too.

You probably wouldn't wear *this* hat everyday, but a nice big straw hat is a breezy, fun option for spring and summer. I consider at least one sun hat a must-have. Go with a plain one, or a more modestly-sized cloche or fedora if the big brim seems too flamboyant for your taste. Hats are so versatile! You can accessorize with a ribbon, scarf, a nice brooch -- I have a leftover groom's lily boutonniere that I stick to my straw hats with some corsage pins.

Oh, and if you *do* want this hat, it will be coming up for sale online in a matter of weeks!

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