Thursday, February 17, 2011

Personal style shot: Dolly kei-ing it up!

In celebration of my excitement at seeing some dolly kei-inspired pieces at New York Fashion Week, I got into the dolly kei zone yesterday.

Blast and bother! My tights got twisted!

New shoes, new shoes, new shoes!
A few status updates: WOW, was I wrong about things going back to normal. A few setbacks on costumery have had us running ourselves ragged in the VU costume shop. It's all good though -- opening night is TONIGHT! So psyched! And, starting immediately after February 20, I'll have a little more time to focus on my own designs, on the blog, and on reading books and improving my fashion-sketching. Boy, do you not even WANT to know how bad THAT looks right now! It's only to be expected, though, from someone who's only been sketching for a couple of weeks at the most.

Have you RSVP'd for the next Indiana Fashionista Meetup Luncheon yet? Get to it! You don't want to miss this.

On the occupational front, JC Penney is out and Kohl's is in. JCP took back their job offer because I wasn't willing to train for work from 1 to 5 p.m. on a Tuesday, when they already knew that I have class 2 to 5 on Tuesdays. "Academics are the most important thing to us," the hiring manager at JCP said initially. No skin off me; I got an interview set up the very day they dropped the news on me. Not to mention they have lost themselves a worker who would have thrown herself into kicking butt at the job, providing killer customer service, and never fearing to get my hands a little dirty if it means learning more about the apparel retail business. Oh, and then there's the business they've lost from me, my family, and my friends who will take their dollars elsewhere now.

On more directly blog-related news, Midwest Fashion Week is coming up! I will probably only be able to make a personal appearance for one day, maybe two, but I am looking into sending Jared out for some stellar photo action.

And finally, since this semester's schedule is such that it's more difficult than I anticipated to get to Indianapolis to take pictures, you're going to see more street style posts from Jared in the spring. Summer will find me back behind the lens on a more regular basis. I'll be doing more article-type posts (a la the Gemma Teller article, which is still our most popular post since this blog's beginning), and more personal style shots! This blog's primary job is still to inspire and to document the street style of the real people of Indianapolis and surrounding areas. The method is just getting a little tweaking. Stay tuned, and as always, questions or comments can be sent via the Circle City Style Formspring, or emailed to or


  1. I got two posts coming up for street style (pretty excited about them, per usual). As soon as I get some time to edit pics I'll have them up. Did some editing last night. Goin' to IMA tonight to watch some artsy films, so probably work on it a little more tomorrow.

    I was thinking today that you need to set up a Facebook page for CCS and put an album up there for each Street Style shoot so you can get more readers via that. Maybe we should put on the bottom corner of each one before putting them on other sites? Thoughts?

    Also we need to hang out over the internet and come up with a defined style guide for CCS, and a nicer logo that fits with what you want this whole thing to look like.

    Also just need to hang out in general. Get back up here, Indy misses you!

  2. I'm in full agreement, but can we talk about blog business on email or AIM or phone plz?

    I'll be up on the 5th for the Meetup, so we'll have to chill then! Not sure if I'll get a few more days for spring break, or what. Also, apparently Prof. Sevak is considering bringing the whole costume-construction class up to Midwest Fashion Week as a field trip. We'll see!