Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The catalyst - the calm before a spark

Well, here it is. You probably knew this would happen.

I said here that I was finally starting to embrace my inner fashionista that's been there for years, and I was starting a new segment on street style in Indianapolis, and, to some degree, the Midwest in general. This moment of introspection turned out to be a spark for so many more things. I've thought about starting a style-blog before, but I wasn't sure how would be best to go about it. Those ones where people just post pics of their own selves and clothes every day just seem kind of narcissistic and weird. I look at runway shows, but more for inspiration -- let's face it, I'm probably never going to afford that stuff. Neither are you. We've got to keep it more real.

I finally decided though, why not. I'm running with it. Fashion is in my blood, I've decided to chase a dream, to learn design, construction, and tailoring. I'm starting in January by taking some classes at a nearby university. I'm doing further soul-searching as to which direction I'd like to take this into -- fashion writer, shopkeeper, fashion marketing, costume designer, patternmaker? -- Not sure yet. But that's part of the adventure.

And, I did a little more research into the Indy fashion-scene and its online manifestations.

Behold what I have discovered. Indianapolis DOES NOT HAVE a street-style blog! For heaven's sake, even Champaign, Illinois has a street-style blog! (Conveniently, I happen to have blogrolled said fun place, which you can peruse for your delight.)

I had to fix this oversight. So, welcome to Circle City Style, a blog dedicated to fashion in the Indy area with a heavy emphasis on what the cool folks 'round here are wearing.

We'll also be discussing inspiration and sharing our own sources of it, be they music, political current events, other forms of visual art, runway designers -- whatever! Inspiration can come from just anywhere. I gotta say, it's exciting to be here and now. Indy's art scene is definitely on an uptick. And the fashion community... well, we *have* one now. I really am looking forward to exploring this area of the arts deeper, and getting in on the scene while it's still in its infancy. I hope to get some guest-posts from local style luminaries, and I look forward to their insight.

Whether you're a designer-fanatic or a simple, common-sensical type, fashion as an art form has a hold on all our lives, if you think about it. Tell me that you don't feel a hundred times better when you've taken a moment to put pride into your appearance. Fashion's not something we'll die if we don't have, but it is an extension of, and enhancement to, our daily lives. So go ahead. Wear your heart on the outside. Love it. And then take pics and send 'em to me!

Thanks for dropping by. Stick around - let's style the Circle City together.

Much love,


And now, pictures. You might as well make sure right now whether or not you think my sense of style is worth keeping up on:
Work outfit. Red brocade dress worn as a blouse, tucked into black chiffon skirt, with houndstooth jacket.

Detail of herringbone scarf added to the above outfit. I love me some brooches.
'Nother work outfit. Props to my friend Tomoko, who made the cross necklace!
La Fee Verte, Halloween 2010.

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