Friday, April 4, 2014


Ever wonder if maybe the end times crazies are right, maybe things are ending, but the mainstream church leaders maybe are the bad guys?

I mean, fundamentalism is catching on all over the world, cruel laws toward the marginalized run rampant, and anyone who read revelation knows the bad guys are winning right before Action Hero Jesus steps in to (bleep) some stuff up.

Then again maybe Mary just really stuck to her story, and maybe the writer of Revelation was just chilling on Patmos on some really good stuff, man.

I had a few fights this week with Christians because I spoke up about me and the many others hurt by the church, and I got brushed off with a "well, cruelty is everywhere."

Pretty sure that isn't what Jesus meant, and that was my sign to the question I have been wrestling for months, should I go back to church? But I don't think that church is any place for Jesus or for me.

I get this image sometimes of Jesus and Siddhartha, bro-ing it up like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, like "They figure it out yet?"


"Sigh. 'Nother round of skeeball?"


"You know, Jeezy, one of these days you're gonna skeeball yourself into a coma."

"Nah, it's cool, Dad already did that back in the 90s."

I don't know what it means any better than the next person. But "be kind" translates to every heart's language, and for now, that looks like it's all I have.

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