Monday, October 21, 2013

Dispatches from No-Facebook Land

Well, I did say I was going to be practicing at mindfulness while I do this. But a few kinks have come into the mix today.

First, I was in a wedding over the weekend, so I may have cheated just long enough to a) make sure I was right about the rehearsal dinner location and b) see if any photos got posted the Sunday after the wedding. (There are photos, and they are awesome.)

Second, between the rich wedding foods and the fact that the Communists have invaded the funhouse this week (I'm going to let you ponder that one until you understand. Get it? Not yet, okay. Oh, there goes the lightbulb. There ya go. We can proceed)... the only thing I am really mindful of at the moment is how much the tummy-region of my body freaking hates me right now.

So I'm currently being mindful of my gastric and reproductive systems' combined rage, while staring at the chocolate bar I can't finish. I feel so crappy that even chocolate cannot fix it. Hot honey-lemon-ginseng green tea is giving me no trouble, though, so all is not lost.

I also cheated in order to tell a couple of friends that their Twitter accounts were sending me spam/phishing direct messages, which I got via text. I cheated because I'm an awesome friend, and helping my friends with their online security is more important than doing this right. Or something. Yeah.

Since I'm kinda failing at being mindful today, and I don't have much to offer, here's David Wong doing much better at introspection than I am. Go ponder the Monkeysphere.

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