Monday, September 16, 2013

Things that seriously crack me up...

Yeah, OK, I'll be the immature person this morning and admit that poop jokes make me laugh. Especially when told by a fancy, proper British lady:

Jezebel is all about the snark because it's just one more thing for us women to be ashamed of,  but I say that smells like manufactured outrage. Isn't *everyone* at least a little skittish on the subject?

I'm more concerned about what's in the stuff. I mean, if everyone and her grandma starts using this spray... will we have water supply issues in ten years? Won't SOMEONE think of the children? I guess it's stink-bomb problems now, or water shortages later. Maybe. I'm being too lazy to look at the ingredient list this morning.

Unrelated: I finally have internet at my own place now. So maybe we can make some magic happen more frequently than once a month around here! Huzzah!

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