Saturday, October 1, 2011

The first personal-style post of the CCS reboot!

So, today I'm wearing this:

No backdrop quite like the Wall O'Purses.

Surely you recognize the blouse from a recent post. I had a theory that dots echoing dots might look rather nice, so I paired it up with this thrifted red jersey dress. I needed something to wear to work tonight, and this dress is uncomfortably cleavage-y for that purpose, so I brought things back. The trouble is... it just looks, well, so sweet it's saccharine. Even for someone like me, whose style is at least 80 percent uberfemme.

Here's the fix (With a rocker pose as a salute to Vegan Black Metal Chef, one of the best cooking shows I've seen online... uh, EVER.)

Blouse: Eyelash
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Body Central
Bracelet: Candie's
Spider ring: from a music festival like 9 years ago
Black star sapphire engagement ring: Bauer Jewelers, Vincennes, IN
Boots: Payless
Platinum clip-in streaks: Hot Topic

Alas, these are only the shoes I *wish* I could wear to work. Stilettos don't mix well with being on your feet in a retail environment for 7 hours.

Will made me pose with a wine glass because he's a pretentious wanker.

And lest you get the wrong idea about a broad posing around with a big cheesecake grin in her kitchen:

Bite me, patriarchy. I just think my kitchen looks cool.

All photos by William Dickey.
Soundtrack provided by: M.I.A.


  1. great outfit. I love the boots! Also, that one streak of white in your hair is super cool. You look like a bad ass mix of Rouge from the X-Men and Mrs. Santa Clause. lol

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