Monday, May 2, 2011


I'm going totally Herbal-Essences commercial over this post by Jeremiah Williams over at the Indianapolis Fashion Collective Blog.

A Fashion Revolution for the Men of Indianapolis? Yes, Please!

My good man, I could NOT agree with you more!

Excerpty goodness:
Unlike the ladies, most men often underestimate what style can do for them. There is a clear difference from just putting on a suit, and styling the suit to you. That difference could be getting the job or promotion, over someone else. Putting together your look before you go out, to a social event, could affect your networking connections or making that romantic connection. I went to my twitter followers, to see what they thought of style over just getting dressed, for men. One response, kind of summed it up perfectly. Grey Granite (@greygranite), a local music artist said, “ In 2011 you can judge a book by its cover – we have graphic designers and stylists and TV to ensure that you customize your look so that it will only take a split second for your audience to find you – and love you”.

So men of Indianapolis, let’s give people a reason to fall in love with you. The city has too much talent and passion, to let it get underestimated; JUST BECAUSE IT IS LOCATED IN THE MIDWEST.

*pumps fist* Let the revolution begin!

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