Friday, March 11, 2011

In the spirit of community...

I take a moment to shout out to our friends, and our friends we haven't yet met, in Japan. It's one of the most exciting destinations for fashion-minded people in the entire world, and as you surely know by now, they've been hit by the seventh-worst earthquake in recorded history, an 8.9, which produced a tsunami that has virtually wiped out some towns in Eastern Japan, such as Sendai.

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Fortunately, the country has strict building codes which have almost certainly saved at least a thousand lives. But many are missing, hundreds have been killed, and the people hit need the prayers and support which are coming from all over the world right now. #prayforjapan is a top-trending topic right now on Twitter. Last I heard, traffic in Tokyo was still gridlocked. Airports are closed indefinitely. Photos are still coming in from Japan of huge, unbelievable scenes. Whole blocks of buildings going up in flames. Cars and airplanes piled up, looking like Tonka toys in a pile of matchsticks. Homes floating down streets to who knows where. Entire towns swallowed up.

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I got a very brief email from Kjeld of Japanese Streets earlier, saying he is fine and he will be in the disaster area starting tomorrow. Not since Katrina have I felt so moved and helpless all at once.

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Mobilization to help has already begun.

The Red Cross is taking donations via text message. Text the letters REDCROSS to 90999 to make the a $10 donation, or visit the organization's website,

You can also give to the International Medical Corps, which is sending response teams.

Save The Children are working to care for children effected by the quake. Donations can be made at their website.

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The Huffington Post has a much more comprehensive list of relief efforts and ways we can help.


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