Monday, February 28, 2011

Shame or triumph?

Today, I was going to post about pretty shoes. I went to a party not long ago, and got lots of amazing pictures of droolworthy footwear.

But something else happened. I can't decide if it is shameful, or awesome. I *am* going to count it as tangentally fashion-related, since it involves a wearable item.

I was confronted by a conflict between my hatred toward Snuggies, and my love of Pac-Man.

Love won out.

It's Pac-Man. It's a Snuggie. It's a Pac-Man Snuggie! (OK, OK, it's actually a "Cozy Throw." Hush, it's the same stupid backwards bathrobe. Except the Cozy Throw includes a funky little belt-thing, so it really IS a bathrobe, only long enough to trip over and with awkward sleeves.

Look. I'm freakin' hiding my face in shame here.

BUT! This is just the "before" post! I'm going to take this strange, monstrous blend of awesome and horrible, and use my sewing-ninja skills to turn it into the most epic Pac-Man bathrobe EVER. Then, I'm going to give said bathrobe to my fiance. Because he is the luckiest man ever.

So, there's the upside.

The other upside is that I may well get increased traffic from people who found Circle City Style by accident because they wanted Snuggies. We'll see.

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