Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kicking Ass with Kristen K.

It's another post from Jared! Hey everybody! So I sort've do this thing where I walk around Indianapolis looking for people that look cool or have a strong and apparent personal style to take pictures of for this very site! For about the past month, every person I've passed had a style that said "I am cold. I do not want pneumonia or hyperthermia." Which meant a serious lack of cool looking clothes, as most people were willing to wear anything so long as it was warm. Fortunately it's finally warmer out now and Indy's looking fashionable again.

On a recent walk around downtown I crossed paths with Kristen K, and boy was she just a bundle of surprises. She's totally someone I can point to in defense of myself never making assumptions. For example, I never would have guessed that she works for the Indiana State Health Department, specifically for the anti-smoking people. But, in her own words "I'm not a cigarette nazi or anything". Since we were on the circle and the Indiana State Health Department was nearby I'm guessing she was on her way to the office when we met. However, that's just her boring job; her cool job is teaching group kickboxing at Life Time Fitness in Castleton. See! I had a reason behind the naming of this post (besides alliteration).
Oh! and another thing I never would have guessed, is that she was listening to Black Sabbath when I stopped to talk to her. Yeah, that's right. Sabbath. This chick is METAL; and officially the most bad ass government official I know of (sorry former-governor Jesse Ventura). Seriously, check out that awesome barbed wire ring, how cool is that.

If you didn't notice, her sunglasses are a fantastic color. What color is that you ask? Well, it's the same sea foam green as a Fender Stratocaster guitar (seen here being played by guitar hero Harold Crick). Even her sunglasses are rock & roll! This chick kicks serious ass, and I mean that both figuratively and literally.

She showed me what I refer to as Booty Bling. However, having just met someone it is quite a curious procession of thoughts that occur when someone says "OH! Let me show you my butt necklace!", and then proceeds to dig around in their coat. I may have gotten a bit carried away with editing that one and making it all Victorian looking. You'd better click on that thumbnail to see the big version. I spent too much time editing that for you to not look at it. Plus it's cool looking! You know what, just click on all the pics, they all link to bigger versions.

Kristen's mom got her this bracelet as a present. She told me it had been beaten up over the years. I think it just makes it look more punk rock.

I finally got a shot of somebody for the site with the monument in the background. I like how you can see the curvature of the building and the monument from the lense of the camera. Pretty cool effect, like an unintentional fish-eyed lense.

Author, Photographer, Photo Editing: The Jared Wilcurt

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  1. Let me know which picture you like the best down here! My favorite is the ring I think.