Sunday, January 9, 2011

To The Fairest

This is Megan. She is so intimidatingly pretty, it took me months to even say hello to her. We have hung out at Revenge and other goth-type gatherings in the Indianapolis area for pretty much the whole time I've lived there. Yeah, I'm a wimp. But she's just got this older-than-her-years stare that goes right through you. And her hair is perfect. And she's built like a model, and she always dresses impeccably. I finally mustered the guts to say hi and ask for some pictures. She's nice as can be! Now, I feel a little silly for waiting so long.

She got the dress at Forever 21. Also, Tru is either very dusty or haunted, because I ALWAYS get orbs when I shoot there. It's ridiculous. Yeah, I'm leaning toward dusty. Stupid dust-orbs and their clamoring to get onto my blog!

Purse = the BOMB.

 Here she is a few weeks ago, with DJ Jin-XS. Why this woman is not a famous alt model, I will never know.

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