Monday, January 17, 2011

Raven is a force of nature.

I took these pictures of Raven on registration day at Vincennes University. She's fast becoming my favorite person on campus. I could probably just start a whole new blog along the lines of "What Awesome Kid Wore Today."

And yes, she's a kid to me. I consider anyone born post-1990 to be a kid.

Anyway, she's freakin' awesome. It was the purple pants that really did it for me. Well, and the blue hair. Animal ears on humans tend to irritate me if they're not worn for Halloween, a LARP-ing session, or during a convention. But they work on her. And she knows it. It's all about owning your originality and what works on your body around here.

And the jacket... well, I'll just let it speak for itself.

Now for the difficulty level: Finding places to hang out with her and her friends, that they are actually old enough to get into! Ah, being an old geezer among a herd of under-21 folks...

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