Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Fab Fashion Meetup 2.0! Get ready! (plus pics from the last one)

Family portrait, by David Van Deman

Well, I was still in the midst of some moving madness when the first Indiana Fashionista Meetup Luncheon went down. Now that it's sorted, it's already high time to be planning the next one!

Given that the costume-construction major at VU is a very time-intensive one, plus the fact I have TWO jobs right now, I'm gonna need help pulling off the next one. It's no sweat -- I will put together the brochure/flyer/promotional reading material decided upon, just like I did for the January 10 meetup. I will call for the reservation, unless things get RIDICULOUS. Basically, I'm still doing all the heavy lifting. I just need a pinch-hitter. And you'll get free publicity out of it, if you help out!

I just need basic help, like the MOST IMPORTANT question getting answered: Where should we all meet up? Indianapolis is a bit of a sizable place. I'd like to have a place with better parking than the cafe' in Bloomington, as I got a few complaints on parking. Taking this into consideration, what sounds good? Tentative ideas include Scotty's Brewhouse, Bella Vita, PF Changs (downtown or northside location), or a sushi/hibachi place. It's VERY important that I get your feedback early on, Indiana fashion-freaks!

Now for tentative date. A February meetup is nearly impossible given how busy-as-heck I'm going to be. The last weekend in February may work; I also have spring break starting March 5 and going through that week. I assume a Saturday meetup is preferable. So. February 26, March 5, and March 12 are the dates presently on the table. Please give me feedback here in a comment, on the Circle City Style Facebook page, or via Twitter. I will be putting up an EventBrite page as soon as I have an idea of which of these 3 dates is best.

As a digression, The play I'm doing costumes for, "Days Without End," opens at the Red Skelton Center at VU on February 17, and my attendance is mandatory. SO, if you'd like to see me on that weekend, you know where I'll be. It's a good play, albeit depressing, and we're working some FANTASTIC 1930's period costuming, so you may deem it worth the trip to come see.

I will also need someone to act as co-host/hostess, which basically just means you help by acting as greeter if I end up running late on the drive to Indy. And, your site's address (and logo, if applicable) gets featured on the front of this event's brochure. Not too shabby!

The first Meetup went off better than I could have ever imagined, and I'm way thankful for everyone who made that possible. Hope you can come out to this next one. The best chance for that is to have advance notice and a hand in the final date chosen.

At this time, I'd like to thank all the attendees at the January 10 meeting:

Christy, Kaitlin, Jessica

Me with Jessica

Julia, Jessica, Erica

Kaitlin and Christy

An artsy shot of Truen


Emily and David. Um, Emily, you're posing the wrong way :p

Table-shot by the very talented David Van Deman

Further writeups at: Ruby Leonne, The IMA official blog, DHD Vintage, and Aesthetic Design Style.

You are all so beautiful! Here's hoping for a bigger, better next Meetup!


  1. March 5 and 12 work best for me! And I always welcome sushi, although all of your ideas sound pretty good. :)

  2. If it's in Indy this time around, I might be able to go! Though February 26 would work best for me, since John and I will be going out of town during the other two dates. If you decide to go with the 26th, I can help you out too, and Shahn might be able to as well.

  3. Well I'm gonna put a big fat VETO on Scotty's. Hate that place. This is why:

    I would instead recommend Barcelona Tapas. It's next to India Garden, which is next to an honor lot (unattended parking lot). It's got great food that ranges from $4-19, most stuff around $7-9. They've got a full bar, and a kick ass waitress named Jackson. If I ever saw her outside of her place of work I know she'd be someone I'd take pictures of for the blog.

    They've got an amazing lunch buffet mon-fri. Sunday's there's a brunch that includes a more detailed buffet (with salmon and new york strips). Week day buffet is $9.95, Sunday brunch is $16 which pays for everything, including ordering off the menu and Sangria (FREE WINE!), you basically just pay for drinks. There's no buffet on Saturday's though, it's just order off the menu, but it's a good menu and stuff is well priced. Opens 11a Mon-Sat, 10:30a Sun.

    With all that said, Bella Vita is cool too. I've been there about 20 times. P.F.Chang's is cool, the only downside to it is the long waits and it being so crowded, but that wouldn't matter because we'd have reservations.

    Really though, what I'm trying to say is... ANYTHING BUT SCOTTY'S. seriously, I'm talkin' taco bell here.

  4. I really have no suggestions. Just tell me where and when to be there and I will show. But Barcelona Tapas sounds good...well really you just had me at the free wine! ;)